“Making It Plain”. The Words Of Robert Steele

You guys have got to check this out.  Thanks “T” for the clips:Is Robert Steele the real deal?  Perhaps– your own research will validate that for you, of course.  BUT… I do think this clip should be allowed wider viewing…

5 thoughts on ““Making It Plain”. The Words Of Robert Steele

  1. You know this go back to the bible verse my people died from a lack of knowledge. This is why our minds need to be free because while they can bring the drugs to your neighborhood they can not actually make you put the drugs into your system. Now we all mostly lightly have had our experience with drug but for me nothing serious I actually never wanted to graduate on the drug scene beyond the green. As for our knowledge on world events our media network is not to inform but to put us to sleep. Americans are in a trance of there own indulges and it is not healthy at all. This is the land of dreams because you never get to wake up just like in the Matrix. We are willing to have all of our desires giving to us as we lose and give up our freedom to have a clear mind and to access our right of choice. While the world is becoming seduced by all kinds of negative influences this is the time more then ever to keep very good and healthy company because most people don’t want to be aware of anything. Have you ever watch Babylon AD with Vin Diesel well this is what the movie was about the corporation being the new government and once that happened none of the people mattered anymore. Everything became an illusion all of the animals were like 5 generation of cloning and the people lived as if they were in third world counties. All of the big corporation owners had found a way to over live there life span through advanced medicines. I mean you can see the beginning effects of this happening just by looking at Egypt. And has we see with Mr. Steele while he does seems like a decent man all of the rich kids get all of the top secret government jobs.

    • Hi lady! It really is like the Matrix and we are in a trance. It’s a system (a sophisticated one at that) that is very complex. I’d love to challenge people to do a black out (from tv/media, etc.) for two weeks but they can’t because people have become so addicted to all of this ‘stuff’ and they’ll never have any clue how damaging it’s meant to be.

      I have to check out the Vin Diesel flick. They just love taunting truth in front of us and that sounds like it’s sharing a lot (without us realizing it). BUT girl, we just watched Black Swan… even Stevie Wonder can see the messages in plain sight with that flick! You and your beau have to check it out. Vigilant Citizen did a well written analysis on it so we checked it out.

      The thing that impresses me about Robert Steele (we don’t want anyone thinking I’m talking about dumbass Michael Steele lol) is that you can check him out. He’s like Mike Ruppert (Collapse.net) and I know dude has put his neck on the line a time or two. In other words, they’re not an Alex Jones type that’s for sure. It’s a damn shame to discover that part of the program is to mix truth and real information with total B.S. But I suppose that is part of the “Art of War”. I’ve been aware that there’s never been a ‘war on drugs’ but it’s good to get the take on that from an insider. And ain’t a damn thing wrong with a joint every now and then! Americans trip me out, we have all this other stuff happening yet people want to frown on a friggin joint? Our government is the (global) drug lord! I’m so over it! lol

  2. Yeah I have already watched the Black Swann. It was about losing everything about yourself to be what someone else wants you to be even if you may lose your life for it. Natalie Portman was a young and naive girl living a dream that really started with her mother. The director was a control freak who likes to prey on the dreams and hopes of young women. Yeah I also say the article on VC about this movie as well. This is the part that gets me by letting the dark side out or in whatever the perception you are suppose to gain more power I guess but the reality/ principle of it all is that the dark side will never play fair and will seek to gain full control over the host. The dark side is supposed to be the uncontrollable side of the spectrum which is what they want an out of control human being who seeks to take more then it will ever seek to give. That will automatically destroy everything that they good side has built until the bad side is no longer needed and that same person is nothing but a break shell of a human being. There is nothing wrong with having boundaries and standards they are they things that keep the average person safe within there parameters.

    • Good analysis! “the dark side will never play fair”… ain’t that the truth! I found myself cringing at the subliminal messaging in that film. It’s not safe for consumption that’s for certain. We’re planning to watch the Vin Diesel film you recommended, this weekend. Should be interesting. 😉

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