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The House GOP’s Plan to Redefine Rape

I’m using this graphic image because the nature of rape should not be hidden.

Redefine rape, huh?  I think these ‘men’ need to have a vagina for 2 months and dropped in the Congo or Darfur where women experience rape on a daily basis.  The article begins; “Drugged, raped, and pregnant?  Too bad.  Republicans are pushing to limit rape and incest cases eligible for government abortion funding.”  There should never be a ‘game changer’ when it comes to rape or the woman’s right to choice should she experience something so horrific as rape.  It continues on; “Rape is only really rape if it involves force.  So says the new House Republican majority as it now moves to change abortion law.” So incest is not force?  This is a disgusting consideration and they should all be ashamed for contemplating it especially when you dig and find that during 2006, there were less than 200 tax funded abortions due to incest, welfare of the mother or [the current definition of] rape.  That basically comes to about less than .1 cent per tax payer!  So what is this “Act/Bill” really about?  They’ll examine ways to ‘reduce’ spending for this but not a war which costs $720 million per day?  Click HERE to read the full article.  $720 million per day is really something to mull over, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “The House GOP’s Plan to Redefine Rape

  1. This is so sad and crazy. then murder should be redefine as well because not eveyone is going to sit back and take another man forcing themselves on you. It is so wrong to make parents think that they have a right to have sex with there children or to sale there children to someone else. On the flip the best way to have to avoid your country new laws that you feel does not represent you in a healthy way is to no longer live within those borders. I am doing a lot of research to see what country I believe can better fit my needs and that will make me feel safe overall.

    • “On the flip the best way to have to avoid your country new laws that you feel does not represent you in a healthy way is to no longer live within those borders.”… believe me when I say, the exit strategy is ready to execute on a moments notice! (smiles)! And Canada sounds fine– I just never thought about it even though I’m close enough to it! I like the idea.

      I just think how odd it is that these men are unable to comprehend what rape is. There was a scene from that movie with Michael J. Fox [“Casualties of War”] based on true events– one of the rapists in that movie had a line; ‘a dick can be a weapon’. I don’t think men actually comprehend how true those words are. Women do not enjoy being raped!!! And to add more injury to the trauma– you find out you’re pregnant?! What a nightmare. A nightmare that is personal and big brother has no place in that decision. Again, they spend $720 million per day on an illegal war but want to debate gov. funded abortions for less than 200 women and children for one year…

  2. Another sad thing is how our country does not make us feel safe and valued ad women. Having self worth in America as a woman is really had when most men only see you as sexual commodities and now so many women giving themselves to me in the most disrespectful ways it makes it hard for the few women who do not conduct themselves in those ways. How do you raise and teach a daughter that they are valuable in a society who really doesn’t respect them as individual free to make there own choices when it comes to men and sexual preferences. I know a lot of people thinking that I am a prude because I do not believe in causal sex I really don’t see it value as a whole. I am starting to feel like embracing your loneliness is safer then being a serial dater.

    • I agree with you too. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that once after a break-up, I did continue an “Friends with Benefits” with him (the sex was amazing but he was dumb as a rock! hahaha) But casual sex is beyond me.

      @Wilfredo, I love my company too– another lost art! 😉

  3. Jazz, we are of the same generation, and you know that up to 30 years or so, it was very common to use rape as a source of humor, or to blame the rape victim for dressing so provocative. Most of these men are older than us, and they probably still have the same mentality. I’m being generous when I put “probably” in that previous sentence.

    • @Wilfredo

      Yes, I remember those days and with some ‘men’ that mindset still exists. I realize they are old farts but damn– they can’t ever think of it happening to their grand-daughters?

      Resurrected is on to something– they have devalued us. They no longer feel the need to protect us. I also think it’s a bit of; ‘it’s just sex’ to them as well. As if they think there is pleasure associated with it. What sick f*cks they are!!

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