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Houston Police Exposed

I have always had a disdain for Texas particularly Houston and Dallas (sorry folks, that’s how I feel).  Austin I like, but Houston is probably the most racist place I’ve ever experienced (in the u.s.).  It’s about time those corrupt Bar-B-Q eating pigs got caught on tape!  While the charges are limp (as to be expected in a corrupt state like Texas) at least now people know what they’re dealing with.  From the Mayor on down– Houston SUCKS!  Thanks Quanell X and Channel 13  for bringing this tape to the public when the Mayor, D.A. and Police Chief tried to keep it hidden!!

2 thoughts on “Houston Police Exposed

  1. Ugh, the arrogance of The System! You know that these cops always use the excuse that their adrenaline was pumping! I also hate the fact that one of the cops is a Latino!

    • “Ugh”… you’re so nice! My reaction is; these lo down dirty muthafvkaas!!! hahaha

      What jacks me up about this clip is not only did they kick this little bad ass while he was down, surrendering and clearly not a threat– their local agencies/ofcs. including the D.A., a judge, and the MAYOR blocked this for so long!!! And the Mayor has some balls for chastising the local station too! Appalling! Freakin’ hate that ‘town’ with its racism and politics! And I know how you feel when you see that Latino– I’ve seen some brothers in blue behave just as badly!!!

      But you’ve gotta’ loove how Quanell got around their system and exposed this tape! 🙂

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