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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): “Heaven Bound” by Rufus ft. Chaka Khan

This particular musical post is completely self-indulgent!! 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy this “MWJ”!  Peace, winks and hugs, fellow people. EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have external speakers– plug them in for this one! Quincy and others like Ardif & Tomlinson are the producers and arrangers for this gem.  (I also added the pic cause it’s kinda groovy to look back at the fashions!)

(A FUTURE NOTE: Should youtube ever delete this clip, and if the hyperlink: “Watch on YouTube” appears, just click and you’ll go to the song/clip chosen.  This notation is for all youtube videos that are linked on “YOY” cuz youtube has been fvkin’ up my groove lately!  Thanks.)

6 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): “Heaven Bound” by Rufus ft. Chaka Khan

    • Most people haven’t heard it either… she probably did sound reserved compared to her other works. I think she was only around 24-25 yrs. old at the time she recorded it too. I like the lyrics, vocals and arrangements to this one!!

      So I’m guessing you didn’t like this one either? hahaha Hey– it’s cool! Chaka will always be one of my all time favorites! 🙂 I remember Quincy [Jones] once said; “she’s the only vocalist he’s every worked with that can lay down the song the first time and it goes to wax”.

      • I liked the song, but I’m just not used to her being so subdued. It actually kinda surprised me, lol! I love Chaka Khan, I also had the biggest physical crush on her. Everything worked for her!

        Listening: Angel, Down We Go Together by Morrissey

      • I don’t think she sounds subdued… Chaka has a wide range and that’s another reason I like her as a vocalist. My guess is that you only have a few of her LP’s– I got all of them up to the year 2000! hahaha! And the girl had top end body for sure! Can you believe she was built like that at 15?! Hopefully you and your wife will have a boy because can you imagine having a teenage daughter built like that?! hahaha

    • I know… but I couldn’t resist. Children need their father but there comes a time in a daughter’s life when she’ll need dad just a little more…

      I’m sure Chaka’s dad ‘broke his fist’ on a few hard heads when she hit 15! hahaha

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