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Lisa Bonet: Never Judge A Book By Its’ Cover

Yesterday, I posted the River Phoenix entry and found myself pretty impressed with his views.  What I wasn’t expecting, was how surprised I was to discover Lisa Bonet’s depth at the young age of 22.  She was in that clip with River and I decided to see if I could find the full clip because I wanted to hear more from her too.  Well, I found the entire Donahoue show that Lisa, River and Raul appeared on and it was refreshing to see that hollyweird does have critical thinkers.  I think people will be really surprised to hear Lisa’s thoughts too.  Here’s just one of the five clips:Footnote: if you decide to watch all parts, she mentions that she had natural birth with Zoe at home.  She has my respect just based on that!  lol!  Lisa ain’t no punk and she’s quite astute.  Remember–she was only 22 back then…

10 thoughts on “Lisa Bonet: Never Judge A Book By Its’ Cover

  1. Hi lady it’s me again…lol.. That is a beautiful picture of Lisa Girl I looked her up and all that I can say that her new man is fine, that one that she just has her last two babies by. Anyway I like hearing and listen to clips like this because when you take it upon yourself to create boundaries and standards for your family you are mostly likely going to be ridiculed for executing what you feel is best. As for me starting to understand to believe in the same concept I need to see more people who look and believe like I do. I really don’t agree with vaccinating your child and that is why I am glad that I do not have children at the moment until I can create a environment for them and myself that is nurturing to the life style that I can believe that I can have. We are so brained washed to believe that the human life is living on outside then living on the inside. It just like the clip the arrival was talking about living a deeper life that is way beyond materialism. This clips is making me thinking deeper about stop eating meat which won’t be easy but I want to feel healthier in the way that I pick up them for my life force.

    • Yes, that is a really nice picture of her. And that man of hers… great, goodness gracious! lol. He’s a nice piece of work!

      I have a lot of respect for her now because she refused to simply believe anything she was told! Her nurturing and protective instincts kicked in big time when her baby was born and before just going along with the program– SHE APPLIED CRITICAL THINKING! THANK U LAWD!!!! The cool part about it, if people see Zoe alive, healthy and all today, maybe, just maybe they’ll start to question these toxins (I mean vaccines too). And yes, I watched all parts of clip. It was a really good discussion and I like how all three handled themselves. But Lisa is my ‘girl’ now– she ain’t no punk! hahahaha! I even like how she handled the audience. I’m just very impressed at how mature and calm she was at 22! Hopefully other people will watch the entire thing too. And that damn River Phoenix– dude was the real deal (it would appear). Who knew? There were a few times in the clip that it seemed like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders with a real zeal to disseminate information to people. A caution though: with all information out there on these issues, some of the messengers should be researched really well. John Robbins is part of the elite (though it did not appear that way in the clip). They do infiltrate (even when the information they share is true). There’s an awful lot to discern when you research. FYI 😉

      People really do need to wake up. EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m glad to hear that you’re considering eliminating meat (all meat products)! People really can live much more healthier without it.

      • Well I watch one of John Robbins clips on U-Tube. He was talking about why he decided to become a vegetarian and he made a statement that really got me thinking. He was talking about all the stress that these people but the animal through before they kill them and how that same stress and disrespect for life was running through the animals blood stream and how we then go back and eat that same animal who life was stressful and how it cause the meat to be damage not the healthiest thing to eat. When he spoke of the animals this way it spoke volumes to me because we as human are very similar. If you continue to think wrongly, keep your emotions on a bad wave it also create disease and deterioration in the body and mind as well because that is your personal truth. As a man thinkith so is he and guard your mind and heart with all diligent because out of it flows the issues of life. That is why TV to me is like a form of black magic because whatever the eyes seems it feels even when it is not really occurring. Just look at you psyche when you have fears whether they are real to the eye or not you body feels it all as if it is real. I heard of this story once when this man got stuck in one of those big meat keeping freezers and he died because he believe that he was freezing but the freezer was broke and was actually warm but he believe that we was frozen so he died because he mind believe other wise. The power of thought and imagination is more powerful then many of us give it credit. Do basically we are eating these animals at there most horrible and then we ingest that some idea and disrespectful life style of violence and malice towards another living creature. We are all living creatures and look how we treat each other with no real concern or love for life.

      • “all the stress that these people but the animal through before they kill them”… if my not mistaken, that is the definition of Kosher meats that the Jewish people eat. They reduce the ‘trauma/blood flow’ to the animal (or something like that).

        People truly underestimate the mind and how its’ beliefs can manifest or affect them. “I heard of this story once when this man got stuck in one of those big meat keeping freezers and he died because he believe that he was freezing but the freezer was broke and was actually warm but he believe that we was frozen so he died because he mind believe other wise.” That’s a great example too! We have imprisoned ourselves mostly through our minds without even realizing it! And I know that the elite are aware of this too. It is the primary reason that I feel they keep placing things in our food, water, etc to suppress the Pineal gland (that I’ve mentioned from time to time on yoy). They’ve managed to suppress knowledge about this gland for centuries! I can tell you’re excited cause you got a lot of typos in this one girl! lol hahaha… but I follow what you’re saying! How can we expect to have the best nutrition when the way we slaughter our animals is so incredibly negative? We’ve learned to think that being in balance with life only includes humans. It amazes me how people are not curious how meat gets to their plates. When I’ve asked a few they reply; ‘I don’t want to know’. Exactly! Because if you did, you wouldn’t eat it! hahaha

        I did not [eventually] become a vegan because of this. I simply got disgusted by a fried chicken thigh I was eating one day… with all it’s black veins and fat. When I looked at that pile of gross-ness I pulled from the meat that was left on my plate– I WAS DONE WITH MEAT! hahaha

      • Hey lady ok I really want to move to Canada I was research the other day about there farm life and do you know that they do not send there animals to slather farms and they let them run free and eat green grass for there diet. They also killed the animals on the farm in the most humane way so that will not case there animals unnecessary stress.

        Ok this of off topic but I was researching yesterday also on what countries has the most infidelities and the US was number at 73% and while Canada only had 5% and it made me realize how much I needed a new environment and how other countries and culture still very much value family life and I also see why they look as us the way they do. I see why they call us in the bible the whore of Babylon

      • I think a change of scenery can be great for people! I’ve never been to Canada (oddly– I’m too damn close to it) but I hear good things! And I’m not surprised that the u.s. is at 73%– we’ve been conditioned to play marriage! We don’t seem to take it very seriously at all these days. I mean think about it… how many people have you encountered that’s been together for a 10 years, have some kids and still not married? There are absolutely other cultures that take family and marriage very seriously too but I didn’t know Canada would be on that list– 5% is pretty damn good when comparing it to the u.s.

        “I also see why they look as us the way they do. I see why they call us in the bible the whore of Babylon”… there’s also a reference people make to Los Angeles. Some call it; The City of Lost Angels…

  2. Yeah it might be close but it is a start and still different environment and different laws and concept, hey one step at a time.

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