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River Phoenix: Was He Murdered?

October 30, 1993 was the last time his fans would be able to see him alive.  His death seems pretty cut and dry; “hollyweird child star grows up, dies of drug overdose”… or did he?Thank you “The Industry Exposed.com” for taking your time, researching and creating these videos.  They keep getting better and better.  DJ Noreiga’s music is thumping too! 😉

24 thoughts on “River Phoenix: Was He Murdered?

  1. Hi Lady, thanks for the clip I enjoyed watching it. To me River seemed like a very intelligent person who knew his do’s from his don’ts. I don’t know what he did behind the scenes but to be me sound far from a drug user. At a very young age he seems to be very articulate person who new about his beliefs and knew his voice. Yes this could have been something like mercy killing in that fact that if you don’t act the way big brother (Hollywood or whatever you may call it) wants for you to act then they feels as though they have a right to kill for there honor. He really sounds like his life was meant for so much more and by the age of he turned 30 he probably would have been doing something else entirely different as a career choice. As we are starting to see everyday there seems to be a high azz cost for the price of fame. We also see that there is no individualism in the celebrity world and life style.

    • Hi there lady! Quick sidebar– send me an email, I wanted to send you something…

      That was a really good piece. I like how he (Bill @ TheIndustryExposed.com) found the other interviews and pieces of footage too. And who knew Lisa Bonet would be a “smart” enough parent to say no to lil’ Zoe’s vaccines at the time?! (lol) Way to go, Ms. Bonet!!! “We also see that there is no individualism in the celebrity world and life style.” Great point, which I think was lost on Wilfredo (at least for now). 😉

      • Hey lady save it for me. I am working on getting my internet turned back on at my house and do not want to use my work email. As soon as I get it set up I will send it to you so that you can send me info whenever you want. Talk to you soon.

    • Think about it. I liked your comment. Check out The Illuminati!! They sacrifice SOULS!! Only the rich and influential survive IF they go along with the New World Order!! You may be upset about Trump winning, but he is NOT racist, and also NOT Illuminati!! God Himself intervened in this election bc Hillary IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER!! She HATES middle class, and I’m on disability so I guess I’m a bottom feeder!! Do ur research, you’ll see it and get it then!! Good luck resurrected!! God Bless!!

  2. His partying habits had been pretty well documented since he started going out, so I really don’t think that there was any conspiracy. Plus, viewing the video, I can see that he was pretty annoying and full of himself.

    • Hello Wilfredo just commenting to a statement in your response. Do you have to be full of yourself just because you know your boundries? Standing firmly on something is not swaying in your concept of belief. I mean in the world you can come across some many people who never believe in much to even make a stand. I think that most people are happy with there lives as long as another human being never makes them feels as if they have to be accountable for there actions. Is standing firmly on something really being full of yourself. Just asking and thanks in advance if you choose to respond.

      • @resurrected – I do believe my previous comment was kind of harsh, but I was reacting to the video, and I had to be true for the sake of the spirit of this site. But, yeah, I didn’t have to be so harsh, haha!

    • @Wilfredo– I simply couldn’t disagree with your reasoning and conclusion, more. The music wasn’t faded-in during his last soundbite but this what he said;
      I: You have this very particular point of view on how you want to work and then there’s the business that you sometimes will have to deal with.

      RP: The business always goes for what you do best. And I’ve just made myself do best in the way I’ve wanted to. So, if they get recognition like at the Venice film festival, the Toronto film festival, wherever it is, you know, in France, in Holland, when critics start speaking up and they believe in something, then you have the power to get blow-jobs basically from the corporate leaders. I mean, I’ve found myself being blown by America’s film corporations. It’s nice.

      I: Yeah?

      RP: Yeah, I come in their fucking lens.
      One thing’s for sure, River Phoenix was no punk! (I friggin love his comment!!!)

      That interview was done in Amsterdam 1991 and in the two years prior to his death– those statements could have potentially made him a target. He’s basically saying to the people who run the show– ‘fuck u’. Here’s a more extended version of the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUaro85jSz8&feature=related
      I only saw him in that one movie “Stand by Me”. I read somewhere (back then) that he had an alternative education vs. our institutional education and he does say; basically his parents taught him to think outside the box. I would have never guessed that he’d have such views. I am impressed. Another thing, when he mentioned what the Native American believed about pictures– I actually heard that while living in Kuwait as the Kuwaitis believe the same thing (but not based on a Native American belief). I’m in the process of researching that just out of curiosity to see how the two might connect. One last thing. “His partying habits had been pretty well documented since he started going out”… when you basically tell these ‘leaders’ to fuck themselves they start at the bases of levels by attacking your image (domestic abuse, drug charges, etc) and the press is owned by only 5 (of them) so that illusion could easily be orchestrated and go off without a hitch. I personally am surprised to discover any footage of him discussing these matters. The more extended clip should show [you] that he had an awareness of matters that were far more important than getting pimped by hollyweird. And they didn’t like that. My impression of this newly discovered footage is that he was far from “full of himself”.

      EDITORS NOTE: Why is it, for instance, that three days later the medical examiners announced that autopsy tests were inconclusive – but ruled out foul play?

      • Ha, ha! Two disagreements in two weeks. It’s a milestone, I think.
        I think one of the reasons why I reacted so violently to the video, is that I have a lot on my mind. Like being a father for the first time in August, and it’s crunch time. I’m quite happy about it, but I’m also taking this charge quite seriously.

      • “Ha, ha! Two disagreements in two weeks. It’s a milestone, I think.” hahaha Indeed, but it’s cool and I LIKE IT!

        And Congratulations, man! That’s wonderful news! And you’d better be taking the charge seriously, that’s what Dad’s do! 🙂 I didn’t think you’re reaction was ‘violent’, not even close to that. But I will say this– it is the reaction that the average person displays. Instead of digging a bit deeper, people make swift, firm conclusions without examining the possibilities. I think it’s interesting that Raul Julia (who was on the panel in the clip) died at 54– from complications of a stroke…

        While complications from any ailment is definitely possible I don’t know of anyone who’s suffered a stroke at 54… do you? Not impossible but that’s one of those deals that could easily be covered up by the big dogs.

      • Funny thing yoy50 after watching this clip on RP I also looked up the Native American belief system on way they do not like to take pictures. I would love to learn more about the Native Americans my grandfather was one but died before I was born I am fascinated with the culture. When I was researching it there were a couple of other cultures that believe in this as well. I was wondering was this more about seeing something new when it came to pictures because the Native American never lived in society so a lot of the things of the world might be new to them? Sometimes when I look at life now it hard to know if you are living off of old superstitions or does a lot of what the elders say really have clout. Sometimes I do believe that is it not worth opening up a door but other time is can be best to free yourself from things that keep you bound. The world is doing a good job of making what was once black and white into many shades of color.

      • “The world is doing a good job of making what was once black and white into many shades of color.”… I’m beginning to think we should examine subjects of this nature with a point of view that the colour is gray. I’m thinking the problem might actually be that we’re taught to only define things as “black” & “white”– if you know what I mean.

        And yeah, when he mentioned the beliefs about pictures I immediately thought about the Kuwaitis! I was thrown for a loop when I stumbled upon that! I’m not sure what it means just yet but I think it’s interesting that both cultures make a reference to the human soul. I can’t wait to see what my research will yield on the subject.

        P.S. “Copy that” on the email– got it saved in draft! 😉

      • Ok I was watching this new clip and he was a very sex white boy especially when he lets his hair grow long. I am not saying that smart intelligent people don’t do drugs because something drug can stimulate the mind if you have something in there in the first place but he was so passionate that I can not see him letting drugs get the best of him. He definitely would have more to offer the world if he was allowed to developed that gift and perception within himself. RIP RP. His brother did not seem as poignant (sharply perceptive) as he did. Thanks for keeping his views alive in this post.

      • Yeah… he grew up to be a cutie (and definitely has some sex appeal). I didn’t realize how young he was when he died. And dude probably got high a bunch of times and to that I say ‘so what?’, you know? The U.S. has been so conditioned to frown on that when people in places like Amsterdam don’t have a crazy society of fried brains cuz they smoked a little weed every now and then. Name one death associated with hitting a freakin’ joint? But you can name thousands of deaths related to alcohol, prescription drugs, meth, cigarettes, etc. People who frown on weed can bite me! lol But I digress…

        I watched the entire clip of him in Amsterdam and the Donahue interview and yeah… he could have been a threat to them (in their eyes). Dude was wise beyond his years. I also found it interesting that he along with his 5 (maybe 4) siblings never got vaccinated! He was a critical thinker. Although I don’t like to hear about those hollyweird deaths, I’m not always attached to them. I’m now feeling some sadness for his flame that was snuffed too soon. R.I.P. River Phoenix.

    • Hey Wilfred, ever heard of the Illuminati?? It’s not “Big Brother”. They traded their SOULS for fortune and fame!! Check it out!! It was even in this year’s ELECTION!! God intervened. I’m writing this in November of 2016. Hillary Clinton is Illuminati and she’s a poor LOSER and LIAR, next we’ll hear that her daughter, Chelsea, will be running for some office or congress or something bc when the Clinton’s LOSE, they do WHATEVER it takes to get in there for The New World Order!! Trust me, very CREEPY!!

  3. It’s funny that you mentioned Raul Julia, as he was one of my role models as a PR boy, growing up in the South Bronx. I interviewed him a few months before his death, and he looked pretty ravaged. I had recognized that aspect of the dying, so when he did die, it wasn’t a surprise and there was a little relief mixed in with the sadness.

  4. So he really did have a stroke?! I didn’t know he’d died that until the River Phoenix clip.

    I use to love me some Raul. I thought he was so sexy in The Gumball Rally (lol– if you remember that flick). I also liked him in Kiss of the Spider Woman. It’s cool you got to meet him but I understand how you might be relieved now that he’s out of pain. He represented P.R. well! 😉

    • He sure did! Acting, singing, dancing, he was the darling of Broadway!

      By the way, did you get to listen to that link that I sent you on the other post? It’s a Grooveshark link.

      • “He sure did! Acting, singing, dancing, he was the darling of Broadway!”… dammit son– now that’s cool! Seems I have some more Raul to catch up on. 😉

        It seemed to take a minute to load but yes, I just listened to it… quite sweet!! Rosa Passo, duly noted!

  5. I am sad to say that I am torn in my belief that River just died of an everyday overdose. I am a recovering heroin and cocaine addict of 5 years now. I never, by God’s Grace, o.d.’d in 35 years. I’ve been where I’ve had enough to not ever having to wonder where my next fix would come from, still alive today. The more I see how BLATANT the Illuminati has become, the more I believe in the ppl they’ve “sacrificed”, especially the famous ppl who choose to NOT be a part of the Illuminati!! Hell, just look at the last election!! Hillary Clinton IS Illuminati!! She started to show up with Beyonce, aka “Sasha” wherever she needed votes!! It’s a KNOWN FACT Beyonce and JayZ are Satan’s Illuminati!! She gets taken over her SOUL by Sasha when she performes!! God wasn’t redi for the New World Order yet, so Trump won, and I thank God for His intervention!! But the Illuminati MUST give sacrifices to their master, the great LIAR, so they seem to HIT the famous ppl who choose to NOT want their lives owned by Satan. He promised so many stars success and then snatched them in the prime of their lives!! LIAR, they either serve the serpent, the owl, etc or they get their young lives SNATCHED AWAY!! I know this is a long one but I hope and PRAY someone gets something from it!! Praise Jesus, I am REDEEMED!!

    • Hi Robyn and WELCOME! Thank you, GOD for restoring her!!! 🙂 I ALWAYS say, “if He can part the Red Sea, he can do this (whatever the challenge is) for ME”! 🙂 And PLEASE don’t apologize for your TESTIMONY!!! 🙂 God wants (needs) us to be His witness! Cause He’s REAL!!! 🙂 Far too many have lost faith so the world needs us to SPEAK! 🙂

      And “you’re ALLL OVER IT” with your awareness!! 🙂 Can’t disagree with ONE word! The devil IS a liar but few know it! Well, maybe one “disagreement”… Trump too was SELECTED (not elected). Ever heard of that Illuminati card game produced in 1995 by Steve Jackson (I think that was his name)? https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2010/11/19/did-you-know-4/ Just like the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon… Trumps “playing card” is ALSO in that deck. Shoot– even the VERY LAME Simpson TV show predicted Stump (oops, Trump) would “win”… EVENTUALLY. 😉

      What I personally believe is that we are NOW in a “state of Grace”. In other words, what we do or DON’T do now JUST MIGHT usher in God’s “removal of GRACE”. I LOOK FORWARD to getting that statement COMPLETELY WRONG! smiles We ALL need His grace!!!

      As for River [Phoenix]… you’re RIGHT to re-think THAT ONE! 🙂 He was a true SOLDIER (“on the ground”) in HELLYWOOD”!! I feel (in my heart) that River was TRULY trying to tell us SOMETHING (EXTREMELY important). He did state (in the clip) that his “underground” rock band was about “rock n roll” — not the sex and drugs part that “the machine” would have us THINK all bands, do! 🙂 What did he sing while performing? Oh yeah– “as THEY FRANCHISE YOUR SOUL”.

      Jazz 🙂

  6. I love him so much,I wondered if he ever kept it that way, against those damn Illuminati, if he was really that good person who charmed everyone, I wonder if he really had that kind heart? He was really a good person with everyone says.

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