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“Down Low”… when will it end?

Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson.  I really liked them as a couple because they met at 15.

The first time I saw Fran Drescher was in the movie; “Dr. Detroit” with Dan Akroyd.  I thoroughly enjoyed that movie (it still stands up over time) and Fran stood out to me.  I’ve always dug her vibe, basically.   Her and her ex-husband were on Oprah the other day, and although I didn’t watch the entire show, her ex who she met when they were 15 years old, comes out of the closet. ::sighs::

Again, I didn’t watch the entire show but really ‘men’, can you PUL-EEZE have some confidence and stop marrying,  fucking and hiding behind women because you’re a coward?  If you’re struggling with your sexual identity, fine.  No problem.  But can you stop honing in on the gullible sect of women who look past your signals?  When you do that, in my eyes you’re an opportunist, not just someone who’s in a quandary.  While I want to offer empathy to anyone that is having this type of struggle, I have very little emotion for all who do this because you are selfish cowards.  I’m not saying; “just come on out the closet” if you’re not ready, what I’m conveying is, until you’ve determined your sexuality, leave us [women] THE FUCK ALONE!

And a note for the ladies who look past “certain things” [this goes for Terry McMillian too, sadly.  I like her] and I do feel empathy towards any woman who’s experienced that type of ‘deception’…

It seems all the tales I’ve heard about regarding this subject, every single woman (ex-wives) said; “looking back now, there were certain things”… please listen to your damn gut!  When you meet a muthafuka and something gives you pause, there’s a reason for it.  Just listen to your instincts and stop being so timid about tuning into the ‘signals’ from the man you bed.  Your life could depend on it… dammit.

7 thoughts on ““Down Low”… when will it end?

  1. Well, before the divorce, they had been in an open marriage. For some deluded reason that filled me with optimism, as she has a slamming body!

    Listening: Spring Any Day Now by Fred Frith (it’s not for everybody).

    • She does have a great figure. I didn’t know they had an open marriage! Humph, never saw that one coming.

      I think the whole down low thing is so cowardly is all. And these women who find themselves with those cowards need to stop ignoring the signs. There are always signs.

      • I don’t disagree with you at all. However, it must really be horrible for somebody to be in denial like that. I’m talking about both parties.

    • I love your screen name! hahaha I think the guys are going to love your link too! ;);)

      Thanks for the kind words and stopping by Ms. Meetington– swing by anytime, lady.

  2. I couldn’t agree more!! It is cowardly to do that, I don’t care the reason it is unexcusable. I went to school with several gay men and women back in the early 70’s and 80’s when was still a little scary for them to admit it. I understand society, but they were brave enough to be themselves, because they felt better about being gay than being selfish and phony. This was MOST, not all! A few did this fake down low crap. I will never respect or agree with this cruelty. I admire the open, honest gay folks of the world, whom I know God loves. If anyone is punished for their sexuality, these are the people who will get the Karma.

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