Hickey Paralyzes Woman

The next time you find yourself getting intimate, be sure to cover your neck — a hickey might be more dangerous than you thought.  That’s right, a woman in New Zealand suffered a small stroke that partially paralyzed her after receiving a hickey — or as the Kiwis call it, a “love bite” — from her eager bedfellow, reported New Zealand Medical Journal.  At first, doctors struggled to find the cause of the stroke, until they discovered a small “bruise” on the woman’s neck — located very close to a major artery.  The force of the hickey-giver’s suction had caused a blood clot in the artery, which then travelled to the woman’s heart, doctors told the The Press. The woman made a full recovery.  Source: HuffingtonPost.com.

Seems to me ole’ girl should have been yelling instead of being in ‘ecstasy’.  Dude was sucking the hell out of her neck!  LISTEN. To all the dumbasses out there: sucking on a neck does not have to leave the ‘love bite’ mark!  If it does, you’re doing it wrong!  And don’t muthafvkas know that the neck contains a major artery?  SMH

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