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Is this child abuse? Let’s see…

I’m definitely at a loss for words at this time– but what do YOU say? Here’s my contention… beauty pageants have no place in our society as they promote “beauty” from without instead of within and only set little girls/toddlers up for failure over the long haul.  If you have never developed what’s inside of you, relying only on the external– failure is inevitable and kids who unwittingly participate in pageants should be allowed to KNOW that.  This is a FAIL for all parents that fund their kid’s impending FAILURE through pageantry.  Developing a child’s superficial presence at an early age is sure to create at least one thing– a false sense of security.  “Real life” will shock them back to ‘reality’ (eventually/painfully).

PARENTS, if you are participating in this on any level… YOU ARE FAILING!  And what’s up with TLC’s compass on this?  They didn’t see anything wrong with this scene?!  My heart shatters at the witnessing of the ripping of this little girls’ eyebrows as they also plow into her mind the NOTION that beauty is an external thing or that beauty is equivalent to pain.   ESPECIALLY at such a young and vulnerable age.  What I know about ‘beauty’ is that no one thing defines it– so ripping off your 5 yr olds eyebrows’ will not ensure their “grandiose” view of themselves.  Shyt– do the ‘elite’ actually have it right when they they claim; “some (lots) of us should not be allowed to procreate”?  I now wonder because this is sick!  I want to go back in time and hug every single child I’ve encountered but could NOT protect from this nightmarish existence that lots of children endure.  Look at the video again– this child was traumatized… she said “no” but the ‘parents’ said, “YES”

2 thoughts on “Is this child abuse? Let’s see…

  1. I would say that they’re treating their children like clones of themselves, instead of offspring, and they want to relive their life vicariously through that clone. In my eyes, that would make the parent pretty pathetic.
    And, yes, it’s child abuse. It’s not like the child was getting a polio vaccine.

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    • I agree 100%. “It’s not like the child was getting a polio vaccine.”… I know, right?! So cruel. And… spanking your child is ‘against the law’ but ripping the skin off of their face isn’t? Really?!! SMDH

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