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Self-Hate: Sam Sosa’s “twisted complex”

The self-hate that permeates within the “darker-skinned” community of folks is astonishing to me.  Seriously– isn’t this the MILLENNIUM?!  This is simply, SAD.  I say– instead of giving this broken-down guy some skin-lightener, his handlers should have paid to have a him chat with a mental health professional.  I can certainly recommend at least one person he could consult.  What a poor example this guy is for our youngsters and all people of colour.  Thanks “T” for the email because you KNOW I’d never know who ‘sammy sosa’ is aside from tarnishing the image of the dark-skinned population throughout the globe.  Big azz FAIL.  This pisses me off and deeply saddens me at the same time (and here I AM just WISHING I was DARKER)!!  Really– WTH?  I don’t think this guy is dark at all!  This is one of the many reasons I did not waste my energy posting anything for “MLK Day” this year or last!!!  SMDH  ::screams aloud and throws mic down hard on the floor::

4 thoughts on “Self-Hate: Sam Sosa’s “twisted complex”

  1. Well, there’s a bit more to it than what you described; it still doesn’t make any sense though. (sigh) Here goes:
    Sosa is Dominican. As you know DR shares an island with Haiti. Haitians and Dominicans hate each other, but the latter takes it a step further by denigrating the former for their color, even though many of the latter are just as dark as the former.
    Get it? I know that you don’t, and you’re not alone.

    Listening: Agua de Clavelito by Johnny Pacheco

  2. “Get it? “… uhm… yeah– I DO! haa-hee-hee 😉 I have a wide group of races that are my buds/friends. I am aware of Dominicans self-hate (about hue) as well. Very, VERY sad. Any race of people who vary in hues– this post applies, well, that is my humble opinion…

    Really good to know that someone out there actually “gets it” and is not too shy to expound… so thank you for this important comment. So very sad that we’ve moved along as far but remain in the same place. Isn’t that the very definition of being on a treadmill?…

    Listening: (still ‘stuck on’ Boz ;): “Lido Shuffle”. I dug that we listened to the same artist at almost the same time! A little note: Hey– thanks for helping me pick up the ‘mic’ again as this bull almost made a sister give up ‘what i attempt to do here’. You ROCK, my friend.

    Winks and Hugs,

  3. Hahaha, I didn’t mean for the “get it” to come off so aggressive. It was meant to come off as a grin to keep from crying, as there is plenty to cry about.
    Now regarding that other part of the comment: were you really thinking about hanging this up? That would’ve totally sucked! I mean, I don’t agree with some of your opinions regarding certain conspiracies, but your site is fun and thoughtful, and you can do anything you want with it, and I like that! So don’t go, okay?

    Listening: Koop Island Blues by Koop.

    • hahaha… I think it was the capped “DO” by me (need to trim my nails hahaha)– you’re comment was just fine!

      And Aawweee, maaan! You are just too kind! While I can now see that I’ll have to implement my exit strategy one day soon, I’m going to hang ‘tuff’ for now. 😉 And you know– I’d love to hear your points of view on the conspiracy entries. That’s how answers are found. I had to learn from others as well and the “playbook” is changing constantly…

      Listening: I like the song– her voice reminds me of someone but I can’t place it…

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