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Remember the “Chicago Style Swing Out”?

This cut was produced during the early 80’s, it also reminds me of my first trip to Chicago (Chi-Town).  It was the first place I saw “swing out”.  Believe it or not, there are competitions for that couples-styled dancing (routine)!  I have SO MUCH love for this style of dancing and I wish I was much better at it.  But, hey–  I’ll never deny that swinging out is one the coolest dance moves I’ve seen!  So thanks, Finis for inspiring sooooo many!  Just to show how very cool this dancing style is– it brings men together on a dance floor and I LOVE IT!  Here’s a clip of some bruthas “tearing it up” in Detroit!  Hey– I’d rather see them dancing together than spraying bullets or killing our own kind so ROCK ON fellas!  I especially “love” that bigger fellow that steps in at the 3:45 minute mark (and do watch the full clip as the smoothness of their moves are as cool as ice)!  Enjoy. If you can’t smile after that– something is wrong with ya!  😉

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