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White Men and Black Women… guess who’s not afraid?: The Experiment (a Part 2, surprisingly)!

I don’t know what to make of this so I’ll simply describe the events and let you decide…

Becoming a bit more fascinated by the results of the initial “experiment” , I thought I’d take a peek at this from another angle.  Not wanting to go the previous site, I did a search and found Craigslist.  I thought, “Oh yeah– duh!” (hee hee).  I posted this particular ad in the “casual trysts/affairs” section because I know too many people, men and women of all races that get down like that so I wanted to keep this next experiment relevant as well.  Again, the ad wasn’t over the top just a simple blurb of “black woman seeks white man for friends first and maybe friends with benefits later”.  You know, short and sweet.

The ad goes out and when I returned to it I had about 30+ responses.  As I begin to glance through the mailbox I notice a notification from Craigslist saying that the ad was “flagged & deleted”– whatever that means.  There’s a note within it that read in part and I’ll paraphrase, “if you feel you’ve been mis-flagged we’re sorry and post again”.  So I did.  Again, the ad was not edgy in the least.  2 hours later when I checked the messages, that same message from Craigslist appeared for the new ad.  Long story short, that happened a total of 4 times.  I queried Craigslist to no avail (which kinda’ sucks now that I think about it) so I posted the ad again the next day and that time it managed to publish.  But 20 minutes later when I checked it– zap, deleted.  So now I’m thinking, WTF is up with that?!

Trying to determine how I could ascertain some insight, I responded to one of the replies I’d received (who by the way was a fvking knock out!) and got his assistance. I really wish I could post some of the pics of these men but I might get sued or something because I’m really surprised how many handsome white men are actually looking for sisters on something like Craigslist.  I digress.  Well, he responded and told me that sometimes, people get jealous on Craigslist.  Really?!  WTH?  SHUT UP!  Now I can only assume, but it appears that the ladies on Craigslist deleted the black woman who was looking for a white man(?)!  Again, I don’t know what to make of that, but maybe you could shed some light?  By the way, the pic I chose for this post is the same one I used in my ad.  Since I’d never utilized Craigslist for that (I’ve sold a TV and DVD player before), the thought occurred to me to add a pic in order to stand out from the pool of women.  Again, don’t know what to make of it but found it interesting.  Another thing that surprised me, like seriously surprised the heck out of me…

After my ad was flagged and deleted, I became curious about the ads that men and women post on craigslist (near my area).  What are people in the casual section looking for?  I mean it’s one thing to want “a quickie” but are they thinking in terms of safe sex?  Well, again– shocked is the only word that comes to mind.  Maann… some of the people were posting ads for anal sex, oral sex and a few of the men stated that they’d had a vasectomy!  So does that freakin’ mean that people really are having unprotected sex with strangers?!  Wow!  I’ve been off the market for a while now, but I’m (apparently and niavely) unaware of what the dating life is like these days.  The good news, it was a far contrast to the ads in the “relationship/commitment” section.  I filtered my search for white men who seek black women and found lots of posting for that.  Becoming a bit more curious, I popped over to a few neighboring states, typed in the same filter search and sha-zaam– THERE ARE SO MANY WHITE MEN WHO DIG BLACK WOMEN.  One of the states I popped over to was New York… I’ll just say this– there are so many white professional men that are searching for us, it’s ridiculous! (lol)  I’m not saying “white is right” or “black is whack” so I’ll simply put it as “Dwayne T” commented in the original experiment; “Give anyone who is willing to treat you well a chance.”

10 thoughts on “White Men and Black Women… guess who’s not afraid?: The Experiment (a Part 2, surprisingly)!

  1. I really don’t know what to make of that experiment. It’s curious, is all.
    Where’s that pic of you?

    Listening: Dirty Lowdown by Boz Scaggs

    • “Where’s the pic of you?”… haha– I’m not available so no way I’d put a pic up! hahaha But you know… now that I think about it & if I were single, I might actually give online dating a chance knowing what I’ve discovered…

      Awe… Boz Scaggs– I just listened to Lido Shuffle & JoJo ! 😉

  2. Hey lady how are U, hope this year is starting out to a wonderful start. Do you know that I still have not created a new email account for myself but I am getting there very soon? Just got my computer worked on and I am going to find another internet provider because I am so tried of Verizon chit. Anyway a lot of people think that I am stuck up or boogee (my spelling) because I not believe in or understand the value of causal sex not to mention unprotected sex. When I look at the equation of loose sex there are way more disadvantages and pitfalls then there is rewards and long connections. I have been with my man for a minute and still use protected sex because people change there minds to quickly these days and are always willing to fall for the most destructive temptation and usually it affects other people lives more then it affects the trouble makers.

    It is nice to know that there are some nice looking, educated white man look for a little bit of blown sugar. I dated a white man once long ago and he was just such a gentleman but in the end it has no depth and maybe I was like some kind of black woman trophy for him. He hung with a mostly black crowd and seems to really like me but just did really know why. He would be like I like you but never asked real question about me so it ended. I am not the type of person to stay in short term relationships for superficial gain it has to be more then that to keep me there but he was a sweet heart when you think about how men can be very different.

    • Well, glad you’re going to be online in a more private way! 😉 And Verizon, AT&T and all the other big providers SUCK! hahaha!

      Like I pointed out; “it’s one thing to want a quickie”, I’m also am very surprised at the aspect of unsafe sex with a STRANGER. Such an incredibly dangerous game of ‘russian roulette’. That part truly escapes me. The best sex I ever had was not worth potentially dying from, but that’s just me.

      “It is nice to know that there are some nice looking, educated white man look for a little bit of blown sugar.” I agree– it’s refreshing to know that there are educated and sincere white men who dig black women A LOT. While there really are some of them that TRY to treat us like a “trophy” (just as there are black men who do the same) there are so many more who are not. It’s too bad that relationship never evolved for you and your white companion back then but I see that times… they are a changin’! (smiles) You know… just because it’s you… I’m going to send you an email with a few of the guys that responded to my ad… tell me what you think, gurl!!! hahaha


      Hold up… I just attempted to send you the email but it failed… UPDATE please? 🙂

  3. Craiglist has been shut down a couple of times for prostitution. To me it has not moral and standards when it comes that’s process system. It is wild how so many woman are making a living off of public networking site buy using there body as a business.

    • hmmmm… interesting. I was unaware that Craigslist has been touted for prostitution(?)! Wow! Can’t say I’m 100% certain if those responses were actually SINCERE and responses were not attempting to “pimp or misuse” a (black) woman, but as with all things, a level of discernment is required…

      A note to anyone: if you’re dating online, use your noggin and never get caught off guard. We truly are living in “the age of deceptions”.

  4. “I feel that Americans are very inhibited when dealing with sexuality. Barriers are put up between “classes” of people.I lately came across your blog about and have been reading along. I feel that so many women might be missing out on great sex. You have to drive a hummer, talk on an IPhone, have a masters degree, and a gagillion dollars in the bank. Some of the most passionate lovers are those with very little material items.”

    • Hi Seks! I don’t know how I missed your comment but wanted to say that I liked it! 🙂 There is way to much materialism going on in our society which is very embarrassing to me. We idolize money and things more than life itself. Sad, very sad.

      Thanks for stopping by Seks. Hope you’ll drop by again one day.

  5. i am probably really late on replying but i like what you have done…. i found it funny that the ad was deleted 4 times haha but hey there loss. actually i was curious and i stumbled across this when i was looking up if white men are really interested or not, im kindof in that sitaution now and im not sure what to think of it… if u wanna know more feel free to write back 🙂 thanx

    • Hi springs! By the way, there are no time limits on comments 🙂

      “i found it funny that the ad was deleted 4 times”… and the real joke is that was an experiment!!! hahaha. And I would love for you to elaborate more on the situation you’re ‘kind of in’. What I do know (have always known) is there are plenty of white men that adore all races of women and that does include Black women. It’s time for the myths to be put to rest was my only point. Why be alone when you don’t have to? 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you again.

      P.S. my e-mail is at the top left if you prefer to write offline. Thanks

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