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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): “Watching You” by Slave

I dunno… I was in this “mood” today. so have a groovy Wednesday, fellow people!😉

UPDATE: 10/9/16– I JUST saw a few hits on this CLASSIC and noticed the clip (song) is missing YET AGAIN (courtesy of Youtube)!   YouNAZI SUCKS!!!  I’ve RE-INSERTED it just because it was one my favorite jams from back in the day!  I do “a mean Steve Arrington impression” (even THOUGH I’m a lady– got my pops windpipes)!!! 🙂  I DARE you, “not to bob YOUR head”!!! LOL  ENJOY!! 🙂


(A FUTURE NOTE: Should youtube ever delete this clip, and if the hyperlink: “Watch on YouTube” appears, just click and you’ll go to the song/clip chosen.  This notation is for all youtube videos that are linked on “YOY” cuz youtube has been fvkin’ up my groove lately!  Thanks.)

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