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Is this odd entertainment for the Pope?

Two words… just creepy.

(A FUTURE NOTE: Should youtube ever delete this clip, and if the hyperlink: “Watch on YouTube” appears, just click and you’ll go to the song/clip chosen.  This notation is for all youtube videos that are linked on “YOY” cuz youtube has been fvkin’ up my groove lately!  Thanks.)

6 thoughts on “Is this odd entertainment for the Pope?

  1. Hahaha, I posted this on FB, but I think it has to be edited to make it look like they were entertaining for the pope. It would fit, though. Just look at Ratzi’s face, it gives me the shivers!

    Listening: Snapper by Red Snapper.

    • hahaha. There is something VERY wrong with this. lol Dude almost looked like he was trying not to salivate. (::cringes::)

      Question(s): When are you going to get your blog going again? How are you going to make 2 entries and then say ‘fvk it’ when you’re such a good writer?! 🙂

  2. He looks very keen in teh beginning nad more shy as it goes on. The one guy at the end facing him gets a boner! what is weird is why this type of entertainment and why they are all in white?

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