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A TSA Report On CNN

A parting thought… we must stop blindly believing that Homeland Security has a damn thing to say about how we fly.  Check out some simple things you can do (the very easiest being not to fly) to exercise your ability to kick them the fvck out by visiting WeWontFly.com.

(A FUTURE NOTE: Should youtube ever delete this clip, and if the hyperlink: “Watch on YouTube” appears, just click and you’ll go to the song/clip chosen.  This notation is for all youtube videos that are linked on “YOY” cuz youtube has been fvkin’ up my groove lately!  Thanks.)

4 thoughts on “A TSA Report On CNN

  1. See, why isn’t anybody bothered that there is a confidential report? Gupta just glazed over that! *throwing hands up* Ugh, I shouldn’t even care about this, I don’t live in the U.S. anymore!

    Listening: Three Days by Jane’s Addiction

    • Yeah, Gupta was useless (like most of them are) because most news folks are just part of the big production. I’m very bothered that there’s a confidential report, by the way. This clip was more about introducing to people just how absurd and inefficient the scanners and pats really are. To know (not wonder) that these machines couldn’t detect the type of explosives on the xmas bomber should make everyone say; “hold up, wait a minute”. You are very lucky not to be in the U.S. right now.

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