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Racism… A “Rant & Observation”

I’m having difficulty finding a title other than “Racism” for this entry because the thought of this subject came up in a most unpredicted way.  I was researching the rankings of the safest cities in the world for my post on Amsterdam.  Seems simple, right?  Well, when I typed “safest cities in the world” into the search engine, I was stunned that the top search lead to a forum that equates blacks to where it’s safe to live.  They weren’t restricting their suggestions to the U.S.– this was a global discussion.  They were actually listing places in the world that if you want to live without blacks folks, you can!  Here’s the cut and paste of the question that began the thread: “ThankGod4Chimpout who wrote: I just want to ask if anyone know what are the world’s major cities that are the safest? Are they all devoid of nigs? Are there safe cities with nigs in them?” WWWHHAAA THA FAAAAA?!!!

I’m not naive to racism but I suppose I was taken aback by the sheer misguidance of their strong beliefs.  They seem to genuinely believe that black people cause ALL crime!  Of course we all know that is absurd but it did surprise me that my simple search (which had nothing to do with race) yielded this site.  So of course I clicked the home page because I just had to dig more into the “acorns” of people who’ve made such a correlation in their minds.  The site is called “Chimpout”.  Chimpout!!!  Ain’t that some shyt?  I digress.

Exploring this site, you (naturally) see just how deep the hate for another race truly runs but what I couldn’t seem to get a handle on is, ‘why’?  Why do so many feel that sort of hate for one race of people?  What has made the black person so incredibly evil to so many around the world?  I can’t stop racism but I am addressing misconceptions.  In my mind along with years of research that I could find about black history, I’ve yet to find a motivation for this deep seeded hatred of a people other than it is something people have been taught to feel.  In other words, people who feel this way are in extreme denial about having a valid reason for hating black people and misconceptions , whether real or imagined, is the reason for its continuance to this day.

I have no idea exactly what my point is for this entry other than to purge the negative vibe that spewed from that site and to state what a shame it is that I can never know why we are hated with so much fervor around the world.  The really sad thing that struck me (oddly) is how some black folks (not a whole hellava lot either) love to perpetuate some the most negative stereotypes. It’s like we wear these shortcomings like a proud banner (or something).  It absolutely perplexes me. I don’t feel the need to list the things that need to change within our communities (and mindsets), but one of the highest of priorities in my mind is for the black race to stop using the n-word.  You see… some words mean more than what they might appear on the surface.  Take the word ‘politics’.  “Poli” is Latin for “many” while the word “tics” means “blood sucking insects”.  Sort of fascinating wouldn’t you say?

I find it so interesting that black people (who use that word) have no idea how that word is still negatively affecting them.  You see, it’s a word that can never be flipped into a term of endearment, even within our own race.  Think about it… whenever black folks are about to ‘come to blows’ (verbally or physically), the first word they use to accentuate the belittlement of their enemy is the n-word!  You’ve heard brothers say things like; “this little bytch azz n-word is bout to get his azz whooped if he don’t give me my 5 dollas”, etc… you get the point.  Subconsciously, we actually don’t like the word but in our manufactured consciousness we think we’re taking something back!  The N-word was never meant for anything other than destruction and division with the intent to devastate the human soul and was specifically used for black folks.  Remember, people actually thought we “weren’t human” therefore we were void SOULS for a long azz time!  It’s vibration only moves in the opposite direction of good.  The continued use of it (whether you think it’s cool or not) keeps that negative energy thriving.  It is the intent (not what some blacks folks are trying to make it become) behind this word that should be the singular motivation to finally put it to rest.  Plain and simple.  The only way to flip the n-word into something positive is to eliminate it.  And one way for us to begin to change racism is to extinguish a word that lacks any resemblance of pride.  We may be a lot of things but we are NOT n*ggers.

Racism will never disappear as long as we aren’t willing to talk about it or own up to our part in it.  At the root, misconceptions is the biggest perpetrator which keeps us wasting our valuable time on something so negative that was only designed to keep people in a state of hate.

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

4 thoughts on “Racism… A “Rant & Observation”

  1. I find it interesting that the very folks who fear people of color, are the ones doing the most damage to those they fear. The whole state of Arizona, to site an example.

    I’m too depressed by this topic to come up with a song right now.

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