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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): “Seven Years of Good Luck” by Joe Sample (for Reggie)

Hi there, Reggie at Reggie’s Rantings (you guys have got to check out his blog)!  You might have thought I forgot about the first Joe Sample tune I posted… no way!  Wanted to spread it out a bit.  Anyway… I hope  you’ll enjoy another jam by Joe.  You were unfamiliar with his collaboration with Take 6 (“U Turn”) but hopefully you’ve heard this tune (before now).  Hey– if not… well, welcome to the cool world of contemporary jazz! Happy Wednesday, fellow people!! 😉  Oh yeah… you might want to plug in your external speakers if you want to feel that funky baseline that’s about to come through…

P.S. “Winks and hugs” at Wilfredo too over at “Asphalt Jungle Sound“!  You actually keep me open to posting more music these days even when I thought I should abandon it! 😉

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