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Amsterdam is trippin’!

This is a case of the government (yes, other governments are also azzholes in my mind) trippin’ and trying to fix something that clearly isn’t broken.  If you ever have your first opportunity to visit anywhere abroad, hands down– Amsterdam is a must.  Not necessarily because of the decriminalization of cannabis but it really is the most friendliest, non-racists and safest place you’ll ever visit.  People are crazy friendly there– it’s a beautiful thang!  Well, for the first time in nearly 30 years their gov is trying to stop tourists from indulging in the best fvkin weed in the world!

That’s super nuts to me because the locals aren’t the main consumers– it’s tourism that support about 700 coffee shops in the region, so why fvck with it?  When you click HERE for the video, you’ll hear a guy touch on how much revenue those tourist dollars bring in and it’s something to the tune of $525+ million (USD).  I doubt this shyt will actually land because seriously… what are they thinking?  While it’s still on my list of places to retire, smoking some of the best weed in the world every now and then and legally is just the coolest in my book. 😉  For the many folks out there who think they could never get to a place like that, consider this.  The shopping spree you had for xmas to the tune of $5K (and that’s a conservative number, I’ve known many who go into serious debt during the holidays) you could actually spend 16 days in Amsterdam.  Hey, would you really spend $3k on a purse or put that towards your first trip abroad to the world’s #1 travel spot?  And the added bonus, the people are amazingly nice!  Amsterdam is fabulous without the cannabis but equally nice with it.  I say get there before they fvck up one of the coolest experiences you’ll ever have!  The Dutch government needs to leave well enough alone.

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