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Lil’ Hydeia– the girl born with AIDS…


Does anyone remember this little girl? Hydeia was born with AIDS yet continues to strive and growing more beautiful each day.  Here she is at the age of 26: I fell in love with her the moment I heard of her story, realizing how very wise she was for her young years as well as being abandoned by her biological parents.  Not only am I thrilled to know that she’s still going strong… my buddy “T” just shot a link to me about how she’s doing and what she’s been up to [as a spokesperson and AIDS activist].  While life for her is not perfect (no doubt), she continues to keep moving forward– something I think ‘some adults’ can learn from.  Click HERE to discover what her life has been like since her story was initially highlighted (I first saw her on Oprah) and how she continues to share her life with others.  Here’s a PSA she put out for teens and young adults: Hydeia, dearest lady– you inspire me!!!

4 thoughts on “Lil’ Hydeia– the girl born with AIDS…

    • Hi June! Well, I’m not sure– but I’d certainly take advantage of Hydeia’s email address that’s shown at the end of her PSA within this post. Maybe she can point you in a good direction.

      I’m sorry you’ve been afflicted, lady. This is probably easier said than done, but life does go on so just protect yourself and your future partners. Not sure if you know this but I found in some research I did about 20 years ago while mentoring teenagers, when you’ve had an STD, your body may become more susceptible to other STDs (mainly re-infecting yourself with the herpes virus and AIDS). A stat a ran across years ago indicated 1 in 7 people in america have herpes so you’re definitely not alone. The only advice I feel sure in lending is the use of the condom called; “Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive”. STD’s would not exists so profoundly (IMO) if people knew more about that awesome condom. It’s safe, sturdy, feels like ‘skin to skin’ and protects against STDs (when used properly). Remember; never use vaseline/baby oil/lotions with a condom– it breaks down the components of any condom making it easy for tearing so use K-Y Jelly (if extra lubricant is required). And never ever use the Lambskin condom. While it can help with reducing the chance of pregnancy, it DOES not stop STDs (it says that on the box). Hope this helps in some way. Best of luck and keep your head up. 🙂

  1. Hydeia I’m so proud of u u are a fitter. I wi sh I was there for my
    father but I wasn’t keep up the fight god bless

  2. Hydeia, I remember when I first saw you on The Oprah show I fell in love with you, I always wounder how you are doing. And also the one that you had with The Magic. I do hope that you and Magic still keep intouch………..Love you Always………….Stay strong.

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