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“Goose, goose…” a wake-up call for all!

“Goose, goose, genny, genny, the TSA is more fvked-up than many”. LOL!  Hey– I couldn’t resist nor should I!!  According to a Zogby International poll, 61% of travelers oppose the naked scanners and pat downs at our (private) airports along with 48% using alternative ways to travel during the “opt out’ campaign held this Wednesday, November 24, 2010!  Here’s a clip that was just shot to me that gives real insight into our ‘homeland security thugs’.  This is a compilation clip from BrasscheckTV.com of the many stories that have surfaced (although these reports hit at different times via several local/nat’l news organizations) from across the nation.  I don’t think TSA is out of control, I KNOW they are.  KUDOS to BrasscheckTV.com for this clip that people ARE sharing because of your efforts.Now here’s a kick in the pants… “what’s good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander”:

So… “whatchugonedo” {what are you going to do} when Xmas rolls around?  Thankfully, lots of travelers are actually concerned (as they should be).  So regardless of reports you’ll see on Faux News, CNN, ABC and the likes in the coming days/weeks, the “We Won’t Fly” campaign is off to a solid start.  Your independent research and “Critical Thinking” is always advised when mainstream media is involved (they’ve been bought and sold a looong time ago and are excellent spin masters)! 😉  This should be a common ground for all to relate to.  “Happy Trails to you”.  To be continued…

7 thoughts on ““Goose, goose…” a wake-up call for all!

    • AWWEEE mannn!! You got a sista feelin’ all warm and fuzzy ‘n’ shyt! All is indeed well. Just been offline due to more HP repairs. I may have to shoot you a personal message you dear man, you!!!!! Jazz 😉

  1. I think you should really call it a day with that HP. It’s obvious that it’s a wholly one-sided relationship! LOL
    I’m glad you’re all right though.

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