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Friday Shoppers Madness 2010

Here’s what we have reduced ourselves to by our current level of materialism… This is a compilation of clips over the past few years:

I like a good deal too, but since I no longer celebrate our Pagan holiday (better known as Xmas), I am ashamed by the behavior.  Wasn’t it two years ago that a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death? The contributors to his death have never been caught.  Here’s an FYI– do you realize that the $600 bucks you just spent for your TV could have been spent on approximately 33 ounces of silver instead?  Edward Bernays is the mastermind behind our current state of consumerism– dude knew what he was doing because decades later, we’ve only gotten worse.  It’s funny– the elitists LOVE to call us “useless feeders”…

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