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Awe… the “Holidays”. A Round 2 discussion with Dr. Kim Arrington!!!

For most of us, this is a happy time of the year.  Surrounded by family and friends, breaking bread or watching our favorite holiday film– it’s most assuredly “good times” had by all.  But sadly, there is a large group of people who feel quite differently.  This time of year can bring on sadness, loneliness and isolation to the point of despair and even near points of considering the dreadful decision of suicide.  I could never find a sound resource on the actual stats, for the millions who feel this way, but I’ve known friends throughout my life that do not feel as I do about this “most wonderful time of the year”.  So tonight, I’ll be along side Dr. Kim Arrington from one of the most informative blogs I’ve encountered about the mental health field; “Make It Plain Online” for another discussion on mental health.  Our first discussion can be found HERE.  We addressed mental health within the Black community and how very “shy” we seem to feel about the subject.  Well… tonight, we’re tapping into those “holiday blues” that many seem to experience.  We want to encourage anyone who feels saddened during the holidays to keep your head held up high.  Change is inevitable.  Everything has it’s season so no one thing lasts forever.  I personally feel that “true happiness is a state of mind” and while the human brain is complicated– we find it an exciting organ that can be “trained” to deal with a vast array of circumstances.  One key; is loving yourself and understanding that you do have a purpose regardless of the challenges you feel you may be facing.  So smile, “ta-da” and “be happy”!!!  You can make it if you (continue to) try! 🙂  We hope you’ll join us for this special blogcast that we feel will give you hope in the midst of your personal “storms”.  Now here’s a special “Feel Good Friday” (FGF) that will hopefully make you smile: 

See you tonight for a special blogcast at the blog channel: “United We Stand As A United Front“.  With love and peace to each and all.

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