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In an effort to squash TSA, here is post #2 to encourage you to “OPT OUT”!

While there appears to be a number of ‘americans’ who are completely oblivious to the serious implications that the naked scanners and the pat down (err, groping) procedures are infringing upon us, some people are very aware.  It’s quite rare (especially these days) to see any public officials “go against the machine”, but legislators in New Jersey are taking a stand.  They address TSA’s clear lies on how when we purchase an airline ticket we give up our rights (biggest bullshyt statement I’ve heard in a while).  And finally, there is a sane voice of reasoning that addresses the radiation factor.  We should have never so easily overlooked the seriousness of that issue.  I’ll let this clip speak for itself:

If you take a peek at the “About” tab for Why O’ Why, I encourage action.  Lots of people simple don’t have time to “march in protests” but this form of action is real easy… it’s called non-participation.  So again… please participate in the “We Won’t Fly” campaign this week and DO NOT FLY on NOVEMBER 24th!

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