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In an effort to encourage everyone to “opt out” on November 24th…

I’ve been popping around to different websites and blogs to get a gauge of how the public feels about the new pat downs and the naked scanners.  I’ve outlined my recent experience with the new pat down procedure and I make it no secret that I am not okay with this.  It is beyond intrusive.

I find it fascinating that some people will make light of this issue or argue that flying is not a right but a privilege (where that concept originated from is beyond me).  Adventures of CitizenX.com sums it up best:  “Flying is neither a right nor a privilege.  It is a commercial activity.  A contract between the passenger and the airline.” Plain and simple and well stated CitizenX!  I can’t find any verbiage within the Constitution, Bill of Rights or the Articles of Confederation that uses the terms “right to travel” but there have been cases within the Supreme court that argue the presumed “right to travel” and therefore it has been firmly established.  We are free to travel by any mode.  Flying just happens to be the most expeditious mode of transportation (especially when traveling abroad).  So let’s not quibble over whether we have a right to roam this globe freely by any form we chose.  The airline industry is private, not a government entity and we are in fact it’s customers (consumers).  That is the bottom line.

I plan to post on this subject every day until November 24th just to help people realize what is at stake with this new invasion where an industry needs us far more than we need them. Today’s posting on this subject is dedicated to the littlest victims out there… our children.  TSA seems to be getting it’s jollies by touching children inappropriately and there appears to be a real desensitizing within their circle.   Exhibit A:

You see… this is mentality that exists when you’re under-educated but armed with a uniform and ‘badge’.  Brace yourself for this clip: Not the worst one I found (I could have used clips of kids kicking and crying) but it makes it’s point, would you say?  Just in case you couldn’t really see what’s on that desktop screen saver at the airport (the first image)… here’s what it shows: Little Tommy or little Susie could very well be traumatized for life by being stripped, groped and fondled in public all in the name of trying to visit Grandma.  Let’s never overlook the possibility of the serious affects on a child who has been molested prior to TSA’s new and improved safety measures.  Please participate in the “We Won’t Fly” campaign this week and DO NOT FLY on NOVEMBER 24th!

2 thoughts on “In an effort to encourage everyone to “opt out” on November 24th…

  1. The way I see it, those terrorists don’t really need to do anything else. The U.S. has been traumatized.

    Listening: Chase The Devil by Max Romeo.

    • Traumatized to the point of not being able exercise critical thinking it appears. It’s clear to me that people haven’t researched the naked scanners at all. The level of radiation these machines emit is something that is not occurring in peoples minds. If people don’t care about strangers seeing them or their children naked or touching them completely inappropriately, one would think radiation might jar their senses. It’s crazy how dumbed-down americans have truly become.

      (And can you believe this crappy azz computer is acting up again?! I’m going to try to post another one before this piece of crap fails me again.)

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