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GET OUT OF TOWN!! An update about Sherry Peel Jackson and a special “Feel Good Friday” (FGF) by Take 6!!!!

I just spoke to her husband, Collin and he informed me that Sherry is due to be released on February 15, 2011!!!!  EDITORS NOTE —  November 26, 2010:  Collin explained that they are forcing her to a “half-way-home”  first, unlike Martha Stewart, but I’m still so incredibly happy that she’s heading home soon, you guys!!   For the many who have shared their prayers on her behalf, I just wanted you to know that she will be heading home soon!!!  (My goodness– I can’t believe how truly happy I am about this.)  The address tab I have for Sherry will continue to remain until she’s finally back with her family.  Collin has offered his contact info. as well (also under the tab for Sherry) should anyone like to chat with him about this.

This very special “Feel Good Friday” (FGF) is dedicated to Sherry, her husband Collin and the many who’ve sent prayers for her safe return home!!!!  “Spread Love… more LOVE IS WHAT WE NEED”!!  I can’t wait to finally meet you, Sherry! 🙂


6 thoughts on “GET OUT OF TOWN!! An update about Sherry Peel Jackson and a special “Feel Good Friday” (FGF) by Take 6!!!!

  1. It is absolutely outrageous that Fed scum railroaded this precious, courageous Christian woman. Absolutely the wrong person is sitting behind bars and it should instead be that despicable judge who ordered the jury to convict this woman. Unfortunately, the ignorant jury did not understand that it is not the judge’s job to demand to the jury a conviction be administered so they went along with his dubious ploy.

    • Yes, the wrong person was sacrificed. And in this case, I think the jury were victimized as well because during her trial, witnesses (co-workers and fellow colleagues) lied on the stand. They absolutely railroaded her but the jury never heard the entire body of evidence (the judge surpressed info as well). What knocks me out about cases involving tax evasion (etc.) is that most people now know that the Federal Reserve is not part of the gov’t– so why we (judges, citizens, legislators etc) continue to participate, is really beyond me. It’s a travesty what has happened in this country. We are clearly the thugs some nations accuse us to be.

      Note for any future readers: Read a book called “The Creature from Jeykyll Island” for one of the best break-downs about how the Federal Reserve came into existence. 1910 was a VERY interesting year.

  2. Awesome news! I always check in on her status whenever possible, but news has been scarce. Thanks for keeping on top of this.

    She’s a hero, no bones about it.

    • It’s completely awesome, isn’t it?!

      “Thanks for keeping on top of this. “… you’re welcome, although I did what I thought anyone would do after reading her initial letter to Hank Johnson. I told the rep in Hank’s office that I would personally stay on top of this and I meant it! (smiles) Please let anyone you know who may be interested in knowing that an interview with her husband is forthcoming (b/4 the end of Jan.).

      “She’s a hero, no bones about it.”– I second that emotion!!! 🙂


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