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“You are what you eat” as the old adage goes. Is eating raw the key? A special thanks to for sharing this clip!

As a vegan now, I found this clip quite interesting.  A past vegetarian and now a vegan even I find it difficult to go completely raw with nutrition.  I like a hot meal most of the time but I have no problem with raw cauliflower, carrots among other (wonderful) veggies.  Going raw is a tough concept for us all but when I viewed this clip of a man that is 109 years old, never sick a day in his life and he’s even out lived his son… it makes me wonder.  Could I personally meet that “challenge’?  Well, perhaps.  But I am truly inspired by the glow of his skin, his toned skin and his sharp mind.  To me, he looks like he might be around 70-78 years of age.  But since he’s 109 years old… well, I think we might appreciate his words of wisdom.  Just give a listen to this incredible Centenarian named Bernando LaPallo. 

Again, “you are what you eat”– true “food for thought”.  Thanks to and for sharing this with the world!  Godspeed to Bernando– you are a true inspiration!

8 thoughts on ““You are what you eat” as the old adage goes. Is eating raw the key? A special thanks to for sharing this clip!

    • Nice jam! Matter of fact maybe you can help me locate a song called; “Forbidden Fruit” (at least I think that’s what it’s called)…

      And good point! hahaha. Not sure I’d want to live that long either but I thought his mind and skin was very impressive. 🙂

  1. Ah, but what about the rest of him, hmmmm?
    I will see what I can do regarding that song. Can you tell me anything more about it?

    Listening: El Motivo by Roberto Goyeneche and Aníbal Troilo. (tango)

    • He’s probably doing well. No way for me to know of course but he looks better than a whole lot of 70 year olds that I know. I ain’t mad at him! 🙂

      And cool, that would be off the charts if you could actually find the one I’m thinking of! Haven’t heard it since the early 90’s (maybe around ’91)… female vocalist with incredible range… uptempo, definitely jazzy sounding. The only lyrics I can recall is; “so ah very close to me, tonight, the moon and the stars will shine, just one more time…” I sure hope that helps. 🙂

      EDIT: Just thought of something else it says; “And maybe we’ll meet again this time next year, cuz under this tree where (something, something) is (something, something)”. Gosh– it’s killin’ a sista that can’t remember! lol

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