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The new pat downs at the airports actually ARE a MUTHAFVKA!!!!

Hello, fellow people!  Just getting back in town and settling in.  I can truly attest to the fact that those pat downs cross a serious line!  I had a connecting flight and at that particular airport I was subjected to the new pat downs (because I opted out of the naked scanners).  I can tell you first hand… they don’t just run their hands up and down your body as they once did, they squeeze your breasts (if you’re a woman) PLUS they get all up in between your legs!  (And I do mean touch your genitals in a VERY intrusive way)!  There’s been some talk of people suing TSA.  I’m seriously considering jumping on board any class action lawsuit after this experience.   I just thought people would be interested in hearing a first hand account. In case you’re interested here’s a CLIP of man who explains yet more invasive searching that has apparently been introduced in recent days. In the meantime, please feel free to view my other related postings about this serious matter so you can review what I know about them.

MY RELATED POSTS: which most can be found (contained) within this link: TSA AND THE BODY SCANNERS There’s also a poll contained at the bottom of this LINK

I can honestly say that I’m not planning to travel at this time for “Turkey day”.  This shyt is JACKED UP!  Hey… just wait until it’s YOUR turn (or your small kid’s turn).  Maybe then you’ll see what I mean!  What was that famous quote?  Oh yeah!  “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”  Alexander Hamilton   This is a damn shame, I tell ya!!!  Oh yeah… happy freakin’ holidays!!!!

2 thoughts on “The new pat downs at the airports actually ARE a MUTHAFVKA!!!!

    • Hi Al Dente! HAHAHAHA!!!! I really NEEDED THAT LAUGH! You were soooo wrong with Tiger Woods and Barney Frank though!! LOL! Thanks for the chuckle! 🙂

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