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TSA brings mother in wheelchair to tears along with a part-time radio personality for “opting out”

Hello all!  Okay, this is yet another ‘critical thinking advised’ post.  I hear over and over how people have been persuaded to believe that giving up our right to privacy for the sake of more ‘security’ is what we must do.  I’m thoroughly amazed by how far along they (big government) have conditioned us to this way of thinking.  Making preparations to fly back home myself, I’m actually dreading the thought of going through the airports.  In one year (for example), I’ve been pulled aside for the ‘extra screening’ 7 times!  In all of my more than 27 years of flying– has NEVER happened.  These new and more invasive measures for “screening” has become more extreme as of late (thanks to our latest false flag with the Yemen printer cartridge “bomb scare”).  Below are two clips of people who have documented their experiences with this new ‘heightened security effort’.  NOTE: I was just informed via text that the first clips’ audio (her son speaking about his mother in the wheelchair) has been removed due to that victims’ wishes.  The only clip now included in this post is the radio host speaking of her experience). After you watch/listen to this clip, I’ve included a quick poll for your participation.

Quick queries — True or False

The body scanners cannot hold data/images.  FALSE

TSA does thorough background checks to ensure that they haven’t hired sex offenders/deviants.  FALSE

TSA hires personnel who actually have a background in security.  FALSE (most of these minimal wage employees are high school drop outs).

The body scanners are safe.  FALSE (there is no research that proves that the dosages of radiation are safe or even this technology was tested prior to use).  What’s at stake?  Cancer and infertility at the very least.

Not to be an alarmist, of course, but I seriously wish that we would consider what we are consenting to.   Question: How would you truly feel if it’s your 6 year old daughter or son that is ‘felt up’ by some creep and viewed completely naked?  These TSA workers are now able to get “their rocks off” by checking out naked images and feeling up women and children– BELIEVE THAT!  We are kidding ourselves if we think these measures are protecting us.  These efforts are designed to prepare us for something far worse, you guys.   I encourage you all to use that “tool” between your two shoulders!   Love, peace and harmony to us all!  Now… here’s the quick poll:

4 thoughts on “TSA brings mother in wheelchair to tears along with a part-time radio personality for “opting out”

  1. Petty people are pretty bad. Petty people in uniform are even worse!

    I get so wound up whenever I go to an airport, but it’s not because of any terrorists, I look at all the paranoia and surrounding me, and it makes me feel like the terrorists have won.

    • “Petty people are pretty bad. Petty people in uniform are even worse!” I like that! I use to love to fly but that’s changed because of these perverted bullies who haven’t secured a thing but their ability to become peeping toms. Did you know that in the years since 9/11 TSA hasn’t thwart one “terrorist attempt”? It’s all a big hoax.

  2. Hey what’s up lady

    This sounds like a crazy story you should be able to say at least if you just want to leave the airport and not use there form of transportation. Yeah that does make sense that you would targets really attractive people to go through the scan or perverted people would choose innocent victims like children and or under age adults. There should be limits because when it comes to this kind of systems because you are putting a lot of people and children in very neglectful positions. Next time lady you might want to take the train. Nothing will change until we all just stop using certain system and business options. People really need to get back to the days of self reliance.

    • Hi there! How goes it?

      I just got the clip of the man who was at the airport and told TSA “If you touch my junk I’m going to have you arrested”… he recorded his entire ordeal for 15 minutes and the actual ending was a trip. They escorted him to the front of the airport but tried to detain him from leaving even though they told him to leave!!! They’re actually filing a civil lawsuit because, now get this… he was leaving the airport LIKE THEY TOLD HIM TO!

      I like the point the radio personality made about the victims of sexual abuse– they are not even considering how traumatizing this can be for those people. Hell, since I’ve been back, I woke up twice in a cold sweat about what happened to me!!! The worse part is how helpless (as well as invaded) you feel. And the train is an alternative but some stations have them installed as well. I say people opting out of traveling through all modes of transportation for one week will send them the message they need. It’s funny how people are not addressing the radiation factor of the scanners (that have NEVER been tested for safety). I guess the upside to this recent experience is that people are actually beginning to get outraged. How long it will last is another story but at least it’s a start. Self reliance is definitely something we spoiled ‘americans’ need to reintroduce to ourselves.

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