Hewlard Packard… yet more (Friggin’) “repairs”!

DAMMIT SON!!!  I have to send my crappy azz computer in yet again for the one hundredth time!  Seriously you guys– if you’re thinking of purchasing a laptop/computer for the upcoming holidays– PLEASE DO NOT BUY an HP!  (You’ve been warned.)  Hopefully, I’ll be back online sometime this or next week but in the meantime– feel free to check out the archived postings on “Why O’ Why”.  I do feel it’s important to say; I will NEVER commit suicide and I’ll never place myself in harms way (I have a happy and full life).  That is something that I say because of the last few blogtalk shows.  There was either a ‘poor’ recording or at times, I or my guests were chopped out completely.  I am apparently touching on subjects that do have meaning to entities that monitor what goes on within the internet (along with others who’ve experienced this same thing).  Crazy sounding, yes– possibly.  But let the record show– I have apparently touched on SOME THINGS that may have “people” a bit nervous.  I am simply a singular voice but it does seem a bit odd that recently… well– my blogtalk channel has either been interrupted, portions were “chopped out/edited” (during live blogcasts) and even my password has changed without my consent on certain accounts.  One of the two of my last guests (from this Friday’s airing) was completely cut off after a certain time within that discussion.  I do have to send the computer in for yet more repairs, but my hubby insisted that I (boldly) make these statements.  I feel I will be back online shortly BUT as a measure of safety– we’ve decided to place this “heads up” on the internet.  Do check out the archived info though.  If I ever move from THIS location (via WordPress), THERE WILL BE AN ANNOUNCEMENT beforehand.   Take care of one another and (hopefully) I’ll be back online real soon (like– within the week)!  🙂

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!



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