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Do you still think that the N.W.O. is not real? Well, peep this…

On my Blogtalk channel (click here for that show), I attempted to chat with people about these little known Executive Orders that actually proves there is a hidden agenda taking place.  I was discussing something that I recently discovered called; “Agenda 21” aka “Biodiversity”/”Wildlands Project”.  I wanted to place this on Blogtalk but I think it’s better suited to place here on the blog.  Check out this proposed map for the U.S. that is set to take place in the near future (and do take note of the areas in red): The areas in red are actually plans for quote; “little or no human use”, which was placed on the table by the U.N. (to include many other nations) in the early 90’s (it was actually being discussed in the 80’s).  I truly hope people have not convinced themselves that I am pessimistic or an alarmist– I’m neither.  I have simply been awakened.  Now… I could easily post a clip or PDF file to support this but I have come to understand that when people begin to discover any information on their own, they start to take these matters more seriously.  For the record, I’m not one who believes this is the ‘end of the world’ (when people speak of 2012).  To the contrary, I feel that 2012 will usher in this N.W.O. (sick) agenda.  Ignore this if you chose but never forget that I (like many others) are simply trying to warn people.  Right now, we have a small window to affect change.  “Free will” is a son of a bitch and that is exactly why so many turn a blind eye because we have a choice.  If you cannot wrap your minds around this– just keep in mind that your children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren will be affected by this.  Our world is changing right before our eyes but thanks to shows like Dancing with the Stars and other distractions– we are missing this incredible opportunity to let THEM (our gov’ts) know who’s really the “big dog” here.  Again– “free will”… it’s a mvuthafvcka!  In closing, here’s a clip of G.H.W. Bush talking of a New World Order:

Now… did you notice that this cocky evil-eyed muthafvka actually said “… and we will be successful“?  They are currently ahead of schedule, fellow people.  Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

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