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A bit of nostalgia for ya’…

After the (Blogtalk) show this Friday night, we watched the movie “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”.  We played some poker, had a bit of libations and ended up staying awake half the night!  (It’s been a while for that BUT good times indeed!)  While everyone one ended up shutting it down for the night, I remained hyped!!!  This is not the normal day for posting music on “Why O’ Why”, but reminiscing of my dad’s true love of music, I couldn’t hold back on posting this for a Wednesday (“Mid-Week Jam”).  And for some odd reason, I remembered the young Michael Jackson too.  Soooo… I sincerely hope you guys will enjoy this ‘crazy’ trip down memory lane that I had, to take you along your weekend! You cannot TELL me this little dude was not smooth as ice!  hahaha.  Shyt… even the ‘white’ host felt his smoothness!  And now check out a young Michael that’s almost a kindred spirit… WOOOOO!  Okay… I know that I’ve posted that one already, but seriously– can you feel their energy at such a young age?  (Well, before ‘hollyweird/the music industry’ broke their spirit down).  Smooth as all get out is what I SAY!  Again… enjoy your weekend. 😉  Peace.

5 thoughts on “A bit of nostalgia for ya’…

  1. I never really liked Goody Goody, but I thought Lymon’s voice was fine!

    Now The Jackson 5, however…. I remember being sorry when they broke up. But now we know why: there was nothing sugary about their daddy.

  2. “there was nothing sugary about their daddy.” hahahahaha LOL!!!! Maaaan… you are so wrong for that! hahaha! BTW– I ‘likes’ the new pic (miss the glasses, but digging it nevertheless). 😉

    Now… how could you NOT like “Goody Goody”? They had that young boy (at the time) singing those lyrics that was totally male driven. Shoot, every single man I know LOVES this one! hahaha

    • Hi Beatris and welcome to the family!

      No need for any sort of “formalities” here– to the contrary. No “shall or shants” necessary {my friend}:) But hey… I’m totally digging that you like the songs posted here! “Reaching back”– seems to be teaching us [all] how to move forward (just my humble opinion, lady). I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the “sounds of music” that you are acknowledging with this post. So very COOOOL. 😉

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