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Deep down… haven’t we ALL figured out that we are the same yet?! Peep this…

I am NOT a fan of Sarah Silverman.  To me, she is a clear example of the ‘clicks’ in hollyweird (IMO).  I know why a friend sent this clip of her (Silverman) to me… he knows that I appreciate Janeane Garofalo (which is who I’m certain he had in mind).  Here’s Janeane’s photo (the dark haired women who is actually bright and insightful regularly– again IMO): Garafolo is a comedian I dig because she’s funny, bold, yet intellectually stimulating and thought provoking.  But I’ll give credit to Silverman for her thoughts about us ALL being THE SAME in this ‘routine’.  Peep the examples she gives in this clip:  

Racially… um… “challenging” for some (I’m sure), but since I know many races of people– I certainly understood where she came from THIS time.  I see all of our commonalities no matter the race, creed or colour.  Hopefully you guys enjoyed this (tickled your azzes/made you chuckle) and received the message she’s presented here.  SOOOO, peace, love and laughter to each and all.  One day… we’ll ALL UNDERSTAND because if we don’t… well– the joke is on us all!

4 thoughts on “Deep down… haven’t we ALL figured out that we are the same yet?! Peep this…

  1. I do happen to love Sarah Silverman. Her edgy humor belie her naif appearance, I find that kinda hot. I also like the fact that she certainly isn’t afraid to make fun of people and their foolishness.
    BTW, I know for a fact that Janine is even cuter in person. She really is.

    • Garofalo is a “cutie pa-tootie” and super intelligent! I dig her thoughts. But Silverman– well, she can be borderline offensive (IMO), but this was a funny observation by her. I’ve got to give her credit this time (although most black folks I know like red pop (soda) lol). I like edgy material and she definitely made me laugh when she said that both love their grandchildren and most of their friends are dying. That shyt WAS funny!!

  2. That was my favorite part, Jazz! That was also very bold of her to say that! The worst part is that it’s true…. still! If the bullets don’t get you, the fast foods will!

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