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4 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday (FGF): “U Turn” by Joe Sample ft. Take 6

  1. This is exactly what I needed for the morning! I am so glad that you are playing songs and not videos, because I do love that you share your tastes with us, as well as your views.

    • Hi there, Wilfredo! I’m sooo glad you could dig this one! Although… with your eclectic taste in sounds (“Asphalt Jungle Sounds” really rocks to me) I’m thrilled you (ESPECIALLY) enjoyed it! And thank you for the kind words, man. I feel so rusty with ‘presentations’ (been out of the loop for years at this point) but I plan to keep on keepin’ on– at least for now. 😉 Take care my friend.


    • Well, shyt… did you at least like the jam? smiles. Look up Joe Sample (if you like contemporary jazz, that is). He was the shyt back then. I’m gonna post another sample of Joe this week with you in mind ;)…

      Peace, man.

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