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Straight from the horse’s mouth…

I’ve debated with myself about whether I should post this because I realize that millions of people are in complete denial about what is currently happening in our world.  And that’s not truly an insult either.  I simply hope what this ex-soldier shares will at least encourage you to open your mind for a moment and think about it like this; “what if?” Thank you Forerunner and Soldier X for making this information possible.  I do recommend that people watch this because it’s already been removed twice.

In closing, here’s a list of some of the Fema Camps that he refers to.  Scroll down, find your state and do yourself a favor– see if you can actually locate it.  I know exactly where one is located within my state.  The best way I can encourage you to ponder this reality for a moment is to think of it as a global game of muthafvking chess.

2 thoughts on “Straight from the horse’s mouth…

  1. Very interesting thanks for the info it is something to be aware of and if it can happen in one country then it can happen in any country.

    • You’re welcome, Resurrected! I tell ya’— I can’t believe how much the soldier was willing to share in this audio clip. I hope people will feel free to copy the link and share it with others too. It’s a pretty shocking revelation.

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