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2 thoughts on “No arms, no legs no worries…

  1. Hey lady thanks for this clip because it provides hope in dark places and how are things going, still working on email and being a bit lazy.. lol..

    This was beautiful and this man exudes so much love in his life. If he can do it then why can’t we and he is right there are many storms that come along in all of our lives but it takes a lot to have a victory. He shows that you can still be love in life even when you don’t have the things or the body parts that the world holds so dear in this reality called life. That someone will still love you when many may not but he brings people into his life and world and once you leave his present then you are changed or may be on the verge of change. I see so much light in this man and someone having one person in your life that reflects that is better then 10 who reflects nothing.

    • This guy should put everyone’s lives in a new perspective. What this guy demonstrated for me is that love is a conscious thing– it has never been physical. And I LOVE his sense of humor too! He represents the true face of manhood and bravery IMHO. I’ve looked at this clip about 5 times so far and I wonder why mainstream media doesn’t take this story globally. And then I remember, that’s not what media is about. They want us to fear one another, be depressed and so on and so forth. Hopefully we will all take cues from this man and continue to spread his simple message. I’m really glad you liked the clip, lady.

      Things are going well but I’ve been crazy busy all week! WTH?! LOL. I’ve been so busy I almost decided not to do my weekly blogcast tonight! hahaha. Well… I hope you’re having a good day so far. 😉 Hey– good luck with the emails too! smiles

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