Save your home from Foreclosure and learn about Accepted for Value. Upcoming guests on “United We Stand As A United Front”.

Hello, fellow people!  I wanted to jot a brief update about two gentlemen who will be appearing on my blogtalk channel; “United We Stand As A United Front“.  We are still penning a date but it looks like it is fast approaching.  There is a strong possibility that the show they will appear on will not be on the normal Friday night blogcast.  In fact, the show may be confirmed for next Tuesday at a special time.  More to come.  Here’s a bit about these two special guests.

Naziyr has vast knowledge on the subject of foreclosures and how to save your house.  He’s already assisted several people!  I think with the current crisis and the amount of foreclosures that have taken place in just the last year alone, people will really want to tune in and soak up that knowledge.  He’s a very busy man and I feel very fortunate that he is taking the time to give me 2 hours to interview him.  If you or someone you know is experiencing that life changing threat, I know you won’t regret hearing what he has to share.

Doug Riddle, this man is amazing on the subject of Accepted for Value.  You’ll understand debt in a whole new way when you hear what he has to say about this little known (legal) yet accessible to us all, subject.  It really will blow your minds!  Just like with Naziyr he is a very busy man so, you won’t regret tuning in for what he will share for this special 2 hour blogcast.

I want to be clear that I don’t do this for me, but I do this for the people who need and want to know about it.  I was simply fortunate enough to come across these two people while doing research on the subject.  I can’t stress enough that this interview does have to the serious potential to be life changing for everyone.  I’ve mentioned this over and over; ‘I not only expose the problems, but I also want to offer solutions’.  And this is a “check mate” of a solution!!!!  Just as soon as the time and actual date is confirmed there will be another post to keep you abreast.  In the meantime, you’d do yourselves a service by viewing the clip contained in this post:  “Meet Your Strawman”Knowledge truly is POWER.


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