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Aaron Russo: The Producer of the film “Trading Places”

The first time I saw this interview was about 3 years ago.  I wanted to post it a few times along the way but I didn’t think things were as obvious to many people back then.  Now I see that it is becoming more blatant to people that something is definitely occurring in the world that is far more sinister than we all can truly imagine.  What he speaks about in this clip will be hard to grasp for many who still believe in “the american dream’, but I’m posting it today because I hope it will be a wake up call for so many who really need it.

He did this interview with Alex Jones– I’m not an Alex Jones fan because I think he’s on the bad side of the fence.  I say that for one reason only… Jones has been exposing the NWO for years but somehow, he’s still going strong when people like Aaron Russo and William Cooper (“Behold A Pale Horse”) have died for exposing these same truths.  Something about that equation is not right.  Mr. Russo produced a film called “Freedom to Fascism” which is a must for viewing.  It’s a real shame that I feel the need to mention he was the director of a film (“Trading Places”) that most of us have seen, but maybe it will encourage you to hear what he has to say during this this clip…

We should all insist that 9/11 has a new independent investigation.  Here’s a recent clip produced by yet another critical thinker that should be considered to support that cause.  His name is Anthony Lawson and released a few days ago:

It really is time to wake up, fellow people.

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