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A commercial comes out with the truth… {A RE-POST}


UPDATE NOTES (10/10/10) :  I’m posting this shyt again because I genuinely feel more people should re-examine it.  Plus, a buddy and I had a recent discussion where this subject actually came up again– surprisingly.

I feel like a part of my current (and slightly new) perspective on what’s occurring in the world since returning to the U.S. (and largely why I write this blog) is that the U.S. is really beginning to become more obvious to me that there is some sort of “a shift” from a ‘we the people’, while (quietly) morphing into ‘something else’.  Because someone like an Edward Bernays existed (and had his hands in all “corners of the stone”(s)) including the fact that he created this “innocent” concept of  P.R. (directing the thoughts of the masses); I wonder if you can wrap your minds around the possibility that this form of mass controlled ‘collective thinking’ could POSSIBLY lead to something bad one of these day?  I mean seriously– this DUDE MASTERMINDED masses of women into smoking!!  By the way, um, isn’t this Breast Cancer awareness month?

I say this humbly… having the opportunity to live and explore other parts of the world, the obvious irony has now become… other parts of the world can see what’s ‘quietly’ transpiring here, yet us “I’m proud to be an American because at least I know I’m free” people seem to be completely clueless and distracted by some unknown, incorrect focus (i.e.; “buy shyt, get shyt”).  I can say with lots of certainty that the U.S. is pretty far and wide considered/viewed to be a country of people who are out of touch with the world.  No more, no less.

The reason for this re-post may be pretty transparent but I have strong inclinations that viewing these clips may be pretty significant to discover (or remember).  I no longer have doubts that this is part of a MUCH larger picture– I know that it does.

I was originally inspired to create this post because I also write about the (well… it really should be very obvious to all of us by now) decline in all forms of media.  Plus, there is this element of a”quiet” (just below the surface) effort to control ‘something’.  It’s becoming so blatant (IMHO) that even Stevie Wonder can see it!  (Well… at least to me.)  I make no secret that I do think our current media and most all technologies’ gadgets, networks etc. is extremely toxic (and I do mean in all of its’ forms to include Iphones) for people to allow themselves to engage in.

My buddy and I also chatted about that daaamn Pineal glad again!  So again, check this shyt out one of these days.  Happy continuous weekend but ‘use that tool between your two shoulders’ — Jazz

**** Ω ****

This ad is from 1959 and I only need you guys to listen to the first 26 seconds.  It says in plain and simple terms the intentions behind advertising… just listen to this ad:

Think this is no big deal, right?  Let me introduce you to Edward Bernays.  He is credited for changing advertising and creating Public Relations (there is a difference between the two). He’s the mastermind behind convincing us to buy (into) sh*t we don’t need like the Chia Pet, The Pet Rock or something as absurd as these products.  He created this consumerism state of mind that has such a firm grip over most of the population to this very day, that we can’t believe we’d buy into it (oh but we have fellow people).  If you bought an IPad, believe me– you’re subconscious has been affected.  Peep the knowledge because I think you’ll be fascinated.  (Oh yeah, he’s Sigmund Freud’s nephew.)

UPDATE June 17, 2014— The original video clip I posted with this article has been completely removed from youtube therefore the below is the full documentary and the only one you’ll find.  The part for the article starts at 08:00 and ends at 20:37 but this is an extremely important documentary so I highly recommend that you download it and watch the whole thing.  Now that BBC has decided to block it, which was released in 2002 (after all these years– hmm?) this knowledge and REAL history might be forever lost!

Food for thought– if this form of manipulation exists within “advertising” (from ‘so long ago’), why wouldn’t it be in music, magazines, video games and even our movies today?  Hey… be careful what you feed your mind because it’s soaking up everything— like a sponge.  And just like that sponge it is innately non-discriminate.  Some muthafvkas out there actually know that too.

4 thoughts on “A commercial comes out with the truth… {A RE-POST}

  1. Right after the JFK shooting, there was a TV commercial about coffee I think…basically it was a swinging pendulum in the background the ENTIRE TIME of the commercial…some think that it was subliminally and hypnotically making people forget what they saw or heard. People actually commented that they did not recall what was before the commercial! On youtube btw…

  2. Sorry, or basically to perhaps make people never forget (ie. like 911) so they stop talking about the higher orders or risk having what happened to JFK happen to them. Hence the million ads and pics of Rihanna, etc. showing a tattoo on her pointer finger with “Shhh” so that they don’t talk about what they see or know…no uprising against the NWO! Fear based mind control

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