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In prep for this Friday nights’ blogcast, here’s a song by the rap artist “Nonchalant”…

I truly want everyone (who gives a damn) to understand where “Folk” (from the website “Black Folk Don’t Swim”)” and I will be coming from this Friday with our on the air discussion.  My friend “T” just sent me the link to an important rap song that I almost forgot about.  It was yet another one that came and went that was ‘unnoticed’.  I recall a famous ‘black anthem’ that was attempting to Increase the Peace back in the 80’s called “Self Destruction” too.

Whenever I hear this song by Nonchalant called; “5 O’ Clock” or Self Destruction (and although their beats rock tha hell out), it does make me a bit ‘sad’.  Voices on the issue of us (Black people) killing one another really does seem to fall on deaf ears.  “Folk” and I want to try our best to change that (if we can) and dig in to Black Culture/Tradition.  We’re going to attempt to delve into that subject along with other areas about our race.  Sooo… we hope you’ll join us this Friday night on the Blogtalk channel “United We Stand As A United Front“, and let your voices be heard too!  I personally feel that we can make it if we try.  Shyt– is it really THAT fvking hard to luv one another? Our topic (again) is going to be; “What is Black Culture(?)”.  Thanks to Nonchalant for putting this important song to wax, you progressive thinking lady!   [NOTE: Most already know that I don’t approve of the usage of “the N-word”, but this song does contain it at least once which she does put in the proper context BUT I never played this song outside of my home when it hit the charts.]  As her entitled CD says; “UNTIL THE DAY”…

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