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Michael Steele– what an arrogant and perfect example of our political ‘officials’ disconnect to the public!

I read some comments on other sites about his latest snafu and it seems to me that too many are focused on one party vs. another.  What this clip displays more than anything is the non-existence of any of these wealthy muthafvkas giving a damn about the average hard working American.  When are we ever going to get it into our thick skulls that we really need to move away from this fake two party system?  I ask this over and over and no one has been able to answer this question:  “can you name one thing that any of the last 8 Presidents has done to improve the quality of your lives”?   And they’ve all have been Repubs or Dems.  So why haven’t we (the public) figured out yet that we might want to switch gears and vote outside of this corrupt 2 party system?!

The cost of living far exceeds the minimum wage (in case you haven’t noticed) which increases every SINGLE year.  The only people I think who can manage on minimum wage are teenagers or young adults (who are still in school) and living at home with their parents.  The working class family who earns that $7.25 per hour is called the working poor.

I also can’t help but recall how the Clintons (just one example) are purchasing a ranch for $25 million along with spending approximately 3.5 million on a (fvking) wedding for Chelsea!  Do you really think these same people we keep recycling into public office identify with us?!!!  The middle class is steadily being eviscerated yet we line up and vote in the same people over and over.  SMDH!!!  I for one have never thought any public servants’ salary should exceed $50k annually!  They serve US, remember?!  Anyway… here’s Michael’s latest fvck up:

I WON’T SEE YOU AT THE POLLS, folks! I (unlike so many naive voters) can complain because I stopped buying into the hype a few years ago.  Here’s a tidbit from our Declaration of Independence I think we should all take notice of and remember:

“… But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their (that’s us, the people) right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” That’s some powerful shyt, folks!

4 thoughts on “Michael Steele– what an arrogant and perfect example of our political ‘officials’ disconnect to the public!

    • Thanks “work online” from Bangkok, Thailand. While I seriously doubt anyone from my site will link to your website– you actually came through the right way other than trying to spam this site. For the record… I do not accept any spams. But if you actually got the point of this post, well… welcome. I have some buddies from Thailand by the way. Your ‘native’ spelling was really easy to translate.

      Thanks “H” for the help in translating too. 😉

  1. They are not breaded to give a damn and as Rockefeller great grandfather said the best competition is no competition. As long as these wealthy people with the monopoly they have no reasons to respect or care about us as people or consumers in everyday society and they won’t. I think as people and consumers we are the ones who do not pick products and companies properly we do have the buying power but never use it because we are too busy being told what to buy and chasing the wind. I am changing this in my life if you as a company can not provide for me and my needs then I am kicking your azz to the left to the left why should I be stressed over something that you want for me to buy or support it not that serious to me but it is that serious for you. I missed the days of having some actual control over your household and choices people guard these two things very well because it is all that you have in the words of Kayne in the white man’s world. We need to stop being products and act like people with power and the human choice and the ability of thought and critical thinking skills.

    • You know what knocks out about all of this? They know exactly how much power we have but somehow, we don’t! I cannot for the life of me figure out why some women will spend $4000.00 for a handbag (for example). I have to tell ya’, I’m almost fed up with trying to wake people up and look at everything that is in plain sight. I mean, these cocky bastards aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. I can’t disagree with one thing in your comment.

      “… we fear a massive global awakening” Zbigniew Brzezinski

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