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A new series on 9/11– this is Part I


I wish I knew who to thank for the making of this video (and other than “T” for sending this clip to me) but I’m glad that this series is being made.  Although I remain perplexed by the many who refuse to see and accept the obvious about that awful day, I’ll never cease posting the valuable information that is continuously being gathered about the TRUTH of September 11th.

I need to preface this video a bit because of the man who’s voice is at the very beginning of this clip.  His name is William “Bill” Cooper and he was the author of; “Behold a Pale Horse”.  He had a radio show, was a former military man and he began speaking about the truth waaay before 9/11.  Please pay close attention to his words dated in June of 2001.  He was definitely killed because of them although his reputation has been attacked after his death…

Are you starting to get a bigger picture yet, fellow people?!

5 thoughts on “A new series on 9/11– this is Part I

  1. Crazy but it does force to you even see the truth or at least to examine the lies. On this tape they showed like there building going through the same act of demolition and none of the building debris was that messy, toxic, or damaging to the other areas around them. What this does show me that the next time we have a dramatic even in this country so do be apart of the clean up crew because they lie to people and it seems as if every ordinary people never get the truth but all of the work and that they have no concern for your health. I wonder what is the back to story the Hurricane Katrina situation. Anyway it is going to take something devastating for people to wake up and even then there is no guarantee that they will be present with the rest of the world to move into a positive direction. I have seen too many scenes and movies to know that when in this kind of situation stay to yourself and with your own ability to be wise because you can not help people when they are not willing to be present in the moment. Intuition is your ally that is connected to your ability to understand truth and your inner voice follow the inside way more then you follow the outside is the best advice that I can give, it just might save your life.

  2. Wow! I KNOW I posted a reply earlier but, okay. Since I just hung from a call, I’m responding to this one again…

    I will forever remember that awful day as my tears dried up when building 7 fell. LITERALLY– my tears ceased to exist! I have been ire since. Not one of the 2 planes (in NYC) hit building 7 yet it fell in the same fashion. Lies upon lies about that terrible day. I’m simply glad that someone is creating a new series to remind us (ALL) of that terrible day that has served to divide the MASSES. We should ALL be thinking ‘outside of the box’! Hey– I’m perplexed about why my earlier reply didn’t post, so this is the condensed (and straight to the point) version. I’m pretty sure that this site is being tapped when it comes to this subject. BUT… I fear no man.

    For the record, I’ll never commit suicide or place myself in danger. If I should meet my untimely demise EVERYONE should be concerned. No joke.


  3. Hey I am having problems with my email so I might sign up for another account or try to get that one back working but I will trying to send it to you soon. Thanks

  4. Hey lady I have some info for you to reseach look up the age of Pisces which we are now coming out of which was over a 2000 year period the time and age of Christ and then look up the Age of Aquarius which we are now moving into which is the age of technology and worldy knowledge and tell me what you think.

    • Hey there! It’s strange to look back on how long we’ve been indoctrinated. We were all singing a song called; The Age of Aquarius from a popular play called; Jesus Christ Superstar back in the 70’s! I’ll check it out…

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