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“Black Folks Don’t Swim” (the Website) is coming to Blogtalk this Friday night!

Hello fellow people!  I’m happy to confirm that “Folk” of the cool website Black Folks Don’t Swim will be joining me on the blogtalk channel: “United We Stand As A United Front” this Friday night!  We’re going to do a Part 2 discussion about “What is Black Culture”.  Last Friday night, I really wanted to chat about this topic and I realized I left a few things out so Part 2 should be interesting.  We hope you’ll join us for what promises to be an enlightening discussion.   Please feel free to check out his website and get to know what’s on this brother’s mind too.  He takes on a variety of subjects and has a unique way of making you think!  I personally enjoy his website too.  See you tomorrow @ 11PM EST!  😉

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)

3 thoughts on ““Black Folks Don’t Swim” (the Website) is coming to Blogtalk this Friday night!

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    • I clearly had a great time as well, man! 🙂 My hubby enjoyed it too! Thank YOU soooo much for joining me! Next Friday should be even better. You mentioned you were ‘sweating bullets’, I was sweating fvckin’ buckets, man. lol. The more we discussed, the more I saw how truly big this problem is.

      Right now, I’m trying to figure out a way to upload that Allen Anthony song (“All Right”)– I dig the message of that song. If I am able to figure out how to upload songs on blogtalk, it will be that or “Self Destruction”. Friday can’t come fast enough for me. Thank you again for joining me, my friend. It’s very refreshing to find that others outside of my personal circle ‘get’ the urgency too!

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