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An upcoming interview on Blogtalk that EVERYONE should hear!

This really does have the genuine potential to change so many lives and introduce yourselves to real power!  I say this often; “not only do I address the problems that we all face, but I also want to offer solutions”.  I’ve been very (very) fortunate to be able to interview the people that I have so far.  Some of the previous guests include Dr. Kim Arrington, Colin Jackson (Sherry Peel Jackson’s husband) and Professor Griff from the group, Public Enemey who’ve offered so much knowledge in their areas of expertise (and wisdom) on the various subjects that have been discussed on “United We Stand As A United Front”.  But I can honestly say that these upcoming gentlemen are going to “BLOW YOUR MINDS”!  No joke.  (I’ve been working on this one for months too.)  Soooooo…

If you are experiencing overwhelming debt (like so many are right now), possible foreclosure, then you’ll really want to tune into to this upcoming interview. We are still in the process of coordinating everyone’s schedule but just as soon as those details are determined, I will make sure I post the actual show date.  Now… a little bit about these upcoming guests.

Naziyr is extremely savvy about matters of Foreclosure and he has already saved several peoples’ homes.  Doug Riddle is amazing with his knowledge on something that only a few of us know about called “Accepted for Value”.  It is going to be a two hour show because the information really is very important– I mean, if you’re serious about taking control of your lives.  The choice is yours (of course), but I’m certain you’ll be speechless when you find out the truth about debt.

I’ve posted this clip some weeks back: “Meet Your Strawman” and I would strongly suggest you watch it to get a sense of the upcoming discussion.  Again, the choice is yours to remain where you are.  OR will you take control and change your lives in a way you never thought possible?  Do stayed tune as there is much more to come…

“Knowledge IS power“!!

4 thoughts on “An upcoming interview on Blogtalk that EVERYONE should hear!

  1. hi!This was a really outstanding topic!
    I come from usa, I was luck to come cross your subject in wordpress
    Also I obtain much in your theme really thanks very much i will come again

    • Hi bet365! I’m so glad to know that someone is aware of this topic! I’m diligently working on confirming a date with these upcoming guests too so do stay tuned. And I’m so glad I’m able to assist in someway… I’m one of these people who truly believes we’re all in this mess together. I certainly hope you will stop by again too. Have a great day!

      Take care,


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