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Well, I guess it’s about time at the age of 85…

The only reason I’m posting this, is because I grew up with a boy who looked so much liked a young Tony Curtis it was uncanny.  His name was Marc and he was half Native American and Dutch.  He had this unspoken ‘we dare not cross the lines back then’ crush on me.  I guess you’d say he was my first ‘white boy’!  hahaha!  He really did look an awful lot like that actor, although every time I said that to him, he didn’t think so (but– really, he did).  I don’t know why Mr. Curtis died but 85 years is a long life (especially these days).  So rest in peace, Mr. Curtis.  I have no doubt he had an amazing life.

Here’s a clip from the movie “Goodbye Charlie” which I did enjoy way back when.  I chose this film because I’m certain that everyone else will chose “Some Like it Hot” (with him and Marylin Monroe) or “Houdini”.  If anyone has every seen the movie “Switch” with Ellen Barken and Jimmy Smits, this is the original:

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