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I keep running across information that suggests it was something other than planes that hit WTC 1 and 2, along with the Pentagon I find it plausible to suggest something other than a plane hitting the Pentagon, but even I have some trouble swallowing that pill regarding the world trade centers BUT this clip is very intriguing.

The clip was put out a few days ago and I wonder if this is a portion of the video that a man (Kurt Sonnenfield) who left the U.S. shortly after 9/11 because he claims to have 22 hours of footage that no one has ever seen?  Currently, he’s in Argentina and the U.S. is trying to have him extradited back but he fears for his life.  Here’s his clip first:

Now… here’s the other clip that suggests something other than planes hit the towers:

When you pause this, you’ll see whatever this is doesn’t have wings or a tail.  There’s a theory that it was a missile and holograms were used to make it look like a plane when footage was televised… whatever this image is, again, where are the wings and tail?

As a reminder, there was a woman’s image that was captured right at the location the plane hit.  This is a snap shot for a broader perspective.  This image bugs me because I can’t help but notice how neatly the sections appear to be instead of this being the actual image of a plane and its’ wings.  It’s just too “neat looking” if you ask me…

Now here’s a tight shot of her: Again I ask (logically) if the buildings fell due to high temperatures, how is this person ‘un-singed’?

2 thoughts on “WTH?!

  1. Yeah when I was looking at the clip it does look like a missal and not a plane but that also bring us back to the Pentagon and how that clash sight also looks like it was hit by a missal and not a plane.

    • Hey– if people still want to believe the plane theory after this, well, that’s totally on them. It simply proves that their programming is very effective. This clip clearly shows it was not a plane. And the Pentagon crash site is very telling– it was a hole that went clear through the other side– no ‘wings’ appeared at all in that crash. SMH at how so many are easily misled.

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