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4 thoughts on “Are you paying attention, yet?

  1. There is not excuse excpet for not wanting to know truth.. As people we run from truth because fantasy is way easier to adapt too. All that I can say is get out of personal debt as soon as possible but as far as us the tax owners getting debt that will take something much deeper that many of us are still trying to understand. We have let go of everything that makes us independent and now it is time to learn all over again. Patterns never lie and history shows us all what was and what can be all over again and I guess we just have not gotten smart and wise enough not to repeat it.

    • Distractions are running at an all time high that’s for sure! What better way of keeping people from the truth than to distract them? “We have let go of everything that makes us independent and now it is time to learn all over again.” I think you might have meant to say dependent because that’s what has us in such a strong hold. Finding truth brings us to independence (“the truth shall set you free”). But I agree– we have to “un-learn” all the things we’ve been taught.

      I personally have come to realize that we are currently in the same state of consciousness that was the demise of every great civilization– we’ve become fat, greedy, single-minded. ego driven, materialistic and lazy– the time is ripe for another great fall.

  2. It like all the negative emotions are now positive and all of the positive emotions are now negative… I was talking to someone yesterday about the word and meaning and definition of love and was explaining that love was not lost and that it’s meaning it is still very powerful and how I feel very jaded by focusing on the human definition of love. God is pure love and how love still holds so much power and how we all have a habit of labeling things taken away there meaning instantly and that the things that you may be labeling like a flower for instant is no less valuable just because you see it differently. I was thinking that I want to start looking at love back in a child like eye and concept again and even in the bible it says believe and have child like faith. Children are the epitome of real human being they believe just like that, they are very loving and forgiving if they are not raised in a very jaded and void home of emotions they are as we should be full of great and positive imagination and with a spirit of God love in them well at least human babies.

    • I’ve come up with the theory that people say they believe in God, but they don’t really know what that means. How can they when it has been so distorted? I also don’t think that they realize God is a LIVING God. While the 10 Commandments are profound, “Love they neighbor” eludes us. If we’re really grounded in the true meaning of “love” then why are we being so destructive towards one another? And if you look at TV these days you can see that very clearly– bad behavior is rewarded (by a reality tv show) but the good that people do is hardly noticed. I remember a quick blurb about the young black teenage boys who managed to build a fuel efficient car. It was mentioned once or twice and then nothing else has been said about it. Why aren’t they on Oprah (for example)? Here’s that story in case you missed it: https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/this-is-dy-no-mite/

      And I agree with your message about children– they really are key. I do worry that too many are born into the wrong hands (teaching kids to hate and kill) teaching things that are not of God. I’m telling you, we are currently living in times that is just like the fall of every great society before us. People better wake up!

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