In Prep for this Friday’s (9/24/10) Blogtalk “blogcast”… What is Black Culture? Part III

I remember being a young(er) person well immersed in the music biz.  One day, I stopped by one of the record shops (I was assigned to) and seeing this UNBELIEVABLE poster of ‘the artist’, Lil’ Kim.  I was shocked to say the least, but here she is from back then:

Little did I know, a song I once heard at parties and clubs and danced to a few times was courtesy of this same chick called “Player’s Anthem” (WTF was I thinking?)!  I found myself embarrassed that I’d ’embraced’ anything that she’d ever recorded, but I did!  While this particular song I’ve chosen for this post is not that song… here’s one of her songs I remember being very popular at the time (on Billboard):  That “Player’s Anthem” song was also before I became more mindful of lyrical content but instead, was more focused on the beats and rhythms.  This picture (above) is not necessarily an image that is exclusively Black related (it’s more as though it promotes ‘whore-ism’ and/or stripper mentality with some “women”), I want to post this because of the subject at hand.  Lil’ Kim was once a cute chocolaty girl (although very misguided in her decisions).  Now she’s become a blond weave wearing, bleached-skinned complexioned Black woman who really is lost and confused. I shutter at the thought of how many of our young daughters follow her and the likes.  So again… exactly what is Black Culture?  Yeah… I imagine that I’m going to piss some people off with this discussion but I AM looking forward to shattering the misconceptions and that awful “keeping it real” thought process.  Soooo… bring it on!  See ya’ this Friday, fellow people.

(WE MUST) Increase the PEACE!

2 thoughts on “In Prep for this Friday’s (9/24/10) Blogtalk “blogcast”… What is Black Culture? Part III

  1. Hey Jazzy lady!!! Long time no hear. Well with lil Kim…when you see/hear her background you will understand who she is. The movie Notorious says that she was a teen girl who got caught up with biggie. She was a young working girl that wanted to rap and had a relationship with the star. However I heard a different story. A story that would make sense, and a story I believe. I heard years ago..even before biggies death that she was prostituting on the streets at a young age. He took her under his wing and made her a star…along with a lot of other things he did with/to her.

    PS..did you see the info about the water? What did you think? Stop by my corner of the blog world to see my latest. Hope all is well!!

    • Hi there Tia! I’ll start with the P.S. portion… yes, we’ve seen it and have done some research– I’ll either jot you a note or buzz you over the weekend. I hope things are going well for you too. I’ll be sure to stop by shortly and check you out. By the way– I added you to my blogroll! 🙂

      As far as that little lost soul aka Lil’ Kim… I can’t say I’m not surprised. Saddened, but not surprised. We’re turning our young girls into prosti-tots at an alarming rate these days (think “Toddlers and Tiaras”) not to exclude how too many parents are not parenting anymore. We also seem to be promoting women and young girls valuing themselves by what is between their legs instead of using their brains. While this post is going to be part of the discussion tonight… I realize this is not a “Black thang” exclusively– but I wish we had more India Arie’s or Amel Larruiex’s out there who would generate more positive images for our young daughters. So much work to do, is all I can say. It really appears as though our ancestors suffered and died in vane.

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