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“Make It Plain Online” some updated references…

I’ve gotta’ tell you guys… I thoroughly enjoyed her coming on to the show this Friday (September 17, 2010)!  We discussed PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome (oops) Stress Disorder) regarding our troops, seeking mental health (in general) and even trying to break down (get in to) the Black community’s resistance of it.  In an effort to help with the many references from that show, here are some links that were utilized and mentioned:

In an effort to direct you all where this began, please see this post too: Make It Plain Is Coming To The Blogcast-Soon.  Well, I personally thought we had a “bang up show” so I invite you all to take advantage of her knowledge because we hope to schedule a part 2 soon.  If you’d like to hear that show, here’s the direct link: Unitedwestandasunitedfront (It’s show number 7)…

Thank you again Dr. Arrington for participating and helping so many out there and guiding them where they may need. You’re an ANGEL!

Love, peace and happiness to each and all!


P.S.  Seems this update didn’t post the other day (lost the internet for a while) but I hope everyone will take advantage of her assistance.  Again, Dr. Arrington– you are an ANGEL! 🙂

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