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Talk about making a valid point…

I’m most impressed by the words of Michael Rivera (Whatreallyhappened.com) and the wrestler (Abdul Bashir) who’s heartfelt words seem to fall on deaf ears.  Yet more proof that people are not paying attention to what is really happening around them.  It’s a disturbing thought to see just how close to rallying us all in is becoming.  If you’re enjoying your “deep slumbers” then this clip won’t be for you.

Thanks again “T” for the clip.  You rock, man! 😉

5 thoughts on “Talk about making a valid point…

  1. Interesting and I can’t help to keep hearing that little voice that is inside of me that tells me to leave while I STILL can and I have to push though on that no matter the amount of debt that I have encountered, with the education that I don’t have fully yet, and with the feeling of being alone with out others support. I need to know what I know deep down in the heart I need to work on being true to myself because God have giving me that responsiblity to be a complete human being not necessarily an American but ture to my spirit, soul and then body.

    Girl I was just watching this movie called the Joneses with Demi moore and the man form the X-files you need to watch it because it shows a lot about what it means to live in this country and it is a eye opener on how poeple will die to just to buy things that they can not afford just to keep up with the Joneses.

      • I just took a glance at the link and have it bookmarked! Looks like a very interesting read! Thanks again for the tip! I’d also love it if you can let me know of a similar site like the message from “The Arrivals”. I watched that series again and I tell ya’… it’s very, very informative. I can’t believe more people don’t know about it. He did such a good job of research and introducing us to ‘lost’ (hidden) history too. I really enjoyed peeping that knowledge, lady!

    • That’s a tough voice to null (“moving away”). I say; your heart will know when it’s time to make that move. You certainly don’t won’t be alone when things begin to escalate to the ‘next level’. My simply philosophy is to prepare an ‘exit strategy’. 🙂

      Before I forget, I checked out the trailer for the movie “Equilibrium”… it’s laced with all sorts of symbolism of illuminiti. We may watch it this weekend too. Thanks for the tip. And that movie called the Joneses… boy o’ boy is that fiction brought to life. It appears that’s what we’ve seriously evolved (or should I say; digressed) to. We may even check that out this weekend too.

      Sometimes, you just have to “sigh” and shake your head!…

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