In prep for this Friday’s (9/24/10) Blogtalk ‘blogcast’… What Is Black Culture? Part I

If anyone is popping over to my blogtalk channel (United We Stand As A United Front)  I’ll be asking what EXACTLY is “Black Culture”  this week.   I want to cross the gambit so here’s a song (for starters) that maybe some of the younger folks will tune into because I really want to hear that opinion from that age group.  I honestly can’t bring myself to post any tunes from let’s say… that “rihanna chick” (and the current likes).  At the time I heard this song– it was very popular amongst the ones who are younger than me.  I’m going to continue to post songs (and thoughts) throughout this week in prep for the discussion that I want us all to ‘wrap our minds around’Again… the question (discussion) is; “What is Black culture”? Stay tuned as there is more to come!  Here’s the picture of the group: and now… here’s the song– enjoy and dig into this:

(WE MUST) Increase the Peace!


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